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Volleyball is fastly growing in popularity among both male and female athletes. In order to enjoy this sport and to be most competitive, you'll need to know how to minimize risk of injury while playing volleyball. Below are some tips and helpful information to help you make the most of your athletic experience with volleyball.

How do students improve performance and reduce risk of injury?

  • Volleyball contains quick short burst of explosive energy and has moderate rest intervals. Training should try to mimic the play of the game and include plyometric training.
  • Plyometric training is essential to improving performance and can be accomplished with box jumps, hops, and hurdles 1-2x per week. Be sure not to overtrain with plyometrics as it can lead to overuse leg injuries, consider doing an aquatic plyometric program as it can help reduce stress on the body.
  • Agility training is also a vital component to work on change of direction that also occurs on the court.
  • The aerobic profile for volleyball can be greater than you think and it is important to perform activity and targets both the anaerobic and aerobic systems.


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