Sports Performance

As a leader in the prevention and treatment of injuries for student-athletes, Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine can help student-athletes take their game to the next level. Our Sports Performance Training program is designed to help athletes achieve their performance goals, reduce their risk for injury, and propel them to long-term athletic success and enjoyment.

Who We Train

We work with student-athletes, grades 6-12, who are healthy or returning from injury. Our program is ideal for:

  • One-sport athletes (who run a greater risk of developing overuse injuries)
  • Athletes returning from injury
  • Athletes seeking to maximize their athletic ability

About Our Training Sessions

Student-athletes are not adults yet. Their bodies are still developing, so their needs are much different than adults. Our sports performance experts offer age-appropriate and individualized training designed to build functional, durable athletes. Our sessions include:

  • Mobility/flexibility
  • Core stability
  • Acceleration/top speed
  • Strength & power
  • Recovery techniques
  • Education regarding the importance of nutrition and sleep

Our Services

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