Functional Rehabilitation

Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine Functional Rehabilitation is an aggressive sports therapy program that is designed to fully return our patients to their full pre-injury level. This program is provided by licensed athletic trainers and also takes into account any deconditioning that may have taken place. We also look at the patients functional mechanics for any unnatural compensations and make sure corrections are made to prevent re-injury. The major components include flexibility, muscle strength, power, balance, agility and functional coordination or body control.

At Nationwide Children's Sports Medicine our Functional Rehabilitation (FREHAB) Program has a diverse and accomplished staff with experience in all of the traditional sports and activities.

In Functional Rehabilitation we evaluate the young athlete, isolating any deficits in biomechanical issues, strength, flexibility, range of motion and functional movement and focus on exercises and cardiovascular needs to not only return the athlete to full participation, but we also integrate performance enhancement and injury prevention to help prevent future injuries.

Along with traditional therapy, we also provide Biomechanical Video Motion Analysis for throwers and pitchers, running, volleyball, swimming and other sports as requested.


Our Functional Rehab team is committed to providing the highest quality of care for your child. Explore some of our Functional Rehabilitation programs and specializations below.

Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussion Rehabilitation uses light stretching and cardio while monitoring the patient’s your heart rate to safely decrease their symptoms and return them to sport. This is prescribed by the physician treating your athlete’s concussion.

Concussion Return to Play Program

This program is for athletes who have recently suffered a concussion and are looking for guidance on returning to their sport safely. This program uses a 5-step progression that will gradually return the athlete to participation.

Performing Arts Therapy

Performing Arts Medicine is designed specifically for young performing artists of all genres, from dancers to musicians, to get them back to doing what they love.

Running Mechanics Evaluation

A running gait evaluation is a great resource for cross country and track athletes with repetitive stress injuries, as well as runners with specific recurring symptoms.

Baseball and Softball Throwing Evaluations

Softball and baseball athletes ages 10+ who suffer from pain or weakness during overhead throwing activities benefit from our throwing evaluations.

Swimming Analysis

A swimming analysis is a great resource for swimmers who experience pain during swimming. Corrections can be given on ways to improve form to resolve pain and strengthen muscles to support proper mechanics.

Injury Prevention Programs

Injury prevention programs are designed for healthy individuals, age 10 and older, and those that have had lower extremity injuries and are returning to sport and physical activity. We will focus on skills and drills that are specifically designed to transfer proper mechanics and body control into sports-specific fundamentals to enhance performance.

Play Strong

Play Strong is a medically-based fitness program for patients who are (1) overweight/obese, (2) recovering from or living with a disease (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc.) or (3) healthy patients who do not reach the recommended levels of physical activity. Play and introduction to various ways of being active (PA0101) are used make classes fun and efforts are made to change activity habits at home.

Sports Performance

Our sports performance program is designed to address the natural strength deficits and structural weaknesses that occur in the growing athlete. Our approach is to not only enhance the natural talents of your athletes but to help them bridge the gap and apply these skills on the field of play. These programs are carefully designed to maximize flexibility, strength, power, core stabilization, agility, balance and anaerobic/aerobic conditioning and teach the athletes how to transfer these skills to their individual sport.