Sports Medicine Services

With a focus on prevention, Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine works with sports programs to decrease the number of injuries that occur. If an injury does occur, the clinical staff works with the patient, family, athletic trainer, coach and primary care physician to assist in the recovery of the injury by developing a treatment plan and recommending future sports activities. The program is designed to be a resource for all the athlete’s health care needs within Children’s Hospital.

  • Diagnosis and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries
  • Treatment plan development
  • Coordination of care with patient's primary care physician 
  • Coordination of care with other Nationwide Children's Hospital services
  • Educational resources and training to coaches, athletic trainers, and parents/families
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Services We Offer

Athletic Training Workshop

Nationwide Children's Sports Medicine is hosting a workshop designed for high school students interested in emergency medicine, nursing, athletic training, physical therapy or other allied health and medical professions.

Biomechanical Video Analysis

The purpose of the video analysis is to evaluate the mechanical deviations of the athlete from normal to identify improper stresses on the body that could predispose an athlete to injury or delay the healing process.

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Concussion Clinic

The Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic has a multidisciplinary team of specialists to best manage concussions in youth and adolescent athletes. Our experts offer something adult care providers can’t – a complete understanding of children and adolescents.

Functional Rehabilitation

Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine Functional Rehabilitation is an aggressive sports therapy program that is designed to fully return our patients to their full pre-injury level.

Hand Therapy

Our Hand Therapy program helps patients with injuries, strains, sprains, trauma or surgical procedures to their hands and arms return to optimal function, strength and range of motion.

Neurocognitive (Concussion) Baseline Testing

Baseline neurocognitive tests evaluate the healthy athlete’s decision making ability, reaction time, attention and memory.


Performing Arts Medicine

Our Sports Medicine physicians will evaluate for the common injuries seen in all athletes, as well as the injuries specific to young dancers and performers that use extreme ranges of motion.

Coach and Athlete

Play Strong

Using “play” to show that exercise can be enjoyable, Play Strong is a fun and exciting program that guides participants to create healthy habits at home.

Pupil Activity Validation (PAV) Certification

A Pupil Activity Validation (PAV) certificate is required for all coaches in Ohio. Nationwide Children's Hospital’s Community Education Department and the Ohio Department of Education have registration information for classes offered at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Safety Training Classes for Youth and Recreational League Coaches

This course exposes these individuals to the proper way of assessing life threatening and non-life threatening injuries, as well as basic injury management and prevention strategies.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition is becoming increasingly popular in the realm of athletics. Coaches, athletes, and parents alike are realizing the importance of a diet adequate for sports performance and training.

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Sports Performance

Our Sports Performance Training program is designed to help athletes achieve their performance goals, reduce their risk for injury, and propel them to long-term athletic success and enjoyment.

Team School Services

Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine offers team and school Strength and Conditioning Services performed by our dually credentialed Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and Certified Athletic Trainers.

Wrestling Assessment

A Weight Certification Program program has been developed in response to the need for guidance of young wrestlers as they make decisions about diet, nutrition, and weight control.

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