Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Performance Internship Program

Sports Performance interns will have the opportunity to work with high school, collegiate and private sector athletes (ranging from 6 to 22 years of age) and also be involved in leading small group sessions and coaching large group sessions. Administratively, you would also have the opportunity to participate in several teaching/learning sessions per week and be involved in research, data collection and program design. From the teaching/learning sessions and weekly projects you will have a portfolio that you will be able to use at your next interview and at your next position. Upon your very successful completion, you will also be able to use our staff members as references and contacts.

This internship requires between 15 to 25 hours of service weekly and takes place Monday through Friday with a possibility of weekends and the schedule would vary based on location. Candidates for the internship must be working towards a degree and have a strong desire to become a strength and conditioning coach. We will consider individuals that do not plan on a career in strength and conditioning or are unsure, but priority will be to those that are interested in this career. This program is also open to individuals who have received their bachelors or master’s degree. Priority will be given to those who need an internship to complete their degree program.

This internship is offered year round based on the academic calendar. All posted deadlines are flexible as we will continue to accept applications until qualified candidates are secured. Please contact Coach Britton with any questions.

Please have all application materials submitted by:

  • April 1st for the Summer Semester Internship (May to August)
  • June 1st for the Fall Semester Internship (August to December)
Sports Performance Internship Application
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