Pediatric Sports Medicine Athletic Training Internship

Sports Medicine at Nationwide Children’s Hospital appreciates your interest in our Pediatric Athletic Training Internship. We believe you will find we offer many excellent opportunities to help you develop and refine skills necessary to work in a pediatric hospital clinical setting as a Certified Athletic Trainer.

This Athletic Training Internship has been created to prepare college students who are currently enrolled in a CAATE accredited athletic training program for the various roles an athletic trainer may have in the outreach and clinical settings. The internship will also provide the athletic training student with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience treating pediatric and adolescent athletes.

The overall goals and learning objectives of the Pediatric Athletic Training Internship will include the following:

  • Learn differential diagnoses for the ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder in the pediatric and adolescent population.
  • Observe and practice bracing and casting procedures.
  • Understand the components of a thorough functional rehabilitation program.
  • Learn to develop and teach home exercise programs for a variety of different injuries.
  • Understand the development and documentation of short term and long term rehabilitation goals.
  • Learn the appropriate injury and treatment documentation used and other pertinent record keeping procedures.

These goals have been created to support didactic education and give the student a very unique clinical education experience. We strive to introduce the athletic training student to the vast opportunities available to them.

Overall, each intern will finish our program with increased awareness of the athletic trainer’s role(s) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in pediatric sports medicine clinic and outreach settings, and have the opportunity to learn from highly skilled and knowledgeable Certified Athletic Trainers and Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Physicians.

About the Sports Medicine Internship Program

The Sports Medicine Department at Nationwide Children's Hospital offers athletic training students who are currently enrolled in a CAATE accredited athletic training education program the opportunity to enhance their clinical education through a hands-on internship experience.

Experiences Available to Sports Medicine Athletic Training Interns

Students participating in the Athletic Sports Medicine Internship Program are offered experience in function rehabilitation, clinical rotations, injury prevention programs, the New U Program, an orthopedic clinical setting, radiology, special events coverage and outreach services.

Student Testimonials about the Sports Medicine Athletic Training Internship

Former interns of the Sports Medicine Athletic Training Internship reflect on their time in the program and how their hands-on experiences were unlike anything they learned in the classroom. 

How to apply for the Sports Medicine Athletic Training Internship

The following information includes the criteria for students applying to the Sports Medicine Internship Program, how to submit application materials and who to contact with questions.