Every Child Diagnosed With an Orthopedic Problem is Treated With an Individualized Plan

About Our Orthopedics Department

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As one of the top pediatric orthopedic programs in the country, our specialists provide expert care for a wide variety of orthopedic conditions for pediatric, adolescent and young adult patients. Our nationally recognized experts treat children of all ages and orthopedic conditions, ranging from a baby with a congenital condition, to a teenager with scoliosis or an athletic injury, to a young adult with a limb length discrepancy, and everyone in between.

We specialize in diagnosing, evaluating and treating problems of the musculoskeletal system. Our specialized programs provide comprehensive care for trauma and fractures as well as complex conditions such as congenital hand/arm differences, hip preservation, limb lengthening and reconstruction, musculoskeletal oncology, spine conditions and adaptive sports medicine. Additionally, our pediatric orthopedic experts conduct clinical and basic-science research studies to advance the safety and quality of pediatric orthopedic surgery.

Annually, we conduct approximately 40,000 patient visits and perform over 2,700 surgeries. We collaborate with Physical and Occupational Therapy, Sports Medicine and other specialties to provide comprehensive care. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, every child receives individualized care and thorough evaluation to determine their best course of treatment.

US News and World Report for Orthopedics

Nationwide Children's Hospital is ranked by U.S. News & World Report for Orthopedics.

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Key Programs

Teenage Girl Sitting By Computer Smiling

Hand and Upper Extremity Program

Children who are born with hand or upper extremity differences or experience a traumatic injury face unique challenges. Our program is one of the few in the US that includes Orthopedic Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, offering a comprehensive approach.

Two Teen Boys and One Teen Girl Sitting in Hallway

Center for Hip Preservation

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Center for Hip Preservation focuses on the latest science in hip care. We aim to preserve the native hip by offering comprehensive care plans, both surgical and nonsurgical, to maximize mobility and provide the best future for hip function.

Honda Center

Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement

Walking. Moving. Better. At the Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement, children and adults with mobility limitations, spinal conditions, neuromuscular disorders and congenital and acquired limb conditions have access to in-depth analysis of their gait and motion.

Toddler Walking in Hallway Holding Dad's Hand

Center for Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction

Our comprehensive center treats children, adolescents, and adults with all types of limb length discrepancies and limb deformities, including congenital, developmental, or post-traumatic limb deformities.

Young smiling cancer patient wearing head wrap

Musculoskeletal Oncology Program

Our Musculoskeletal Oncology Program focuses on innovative limb salvage strategies and ways to protect quality of life both now and in the future for our patients.

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Center for Comprehensive Spine Care

The Spine Program at Nationwide Children's focuses on managing congenital, developmental and neuromuscular-related spine conditions. Our approach provides a long-term treatment plan of surgical or non-surgical interventions that will allow for optimal skeletal growth.

A female soccer player looks determined as she holds a soccer ball in both hands

Sports Medicine

Our program has a complete understanding of the young athlete. Our team works with coaches, athletic trainers, pediatricians and parents to deliver age-appropriate care to get athletes back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

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The Adaptive Sports Medicine Program

Our program provides specialized resources for young athletes with physical disabilities to help them enter and excel in athletics. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and multidisciplinary care to individualize treatment for each athlete.

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Trauma Program

The trauma team includes experts in orthopaedic surgery, working closely with emergency department physicians to assess and prioritize multi-injury issues.


We serve patients at our main campus in Columbus, Ohio, and also in locations in the surrounding community.

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Orthopedic Center

Orthopedic Center

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Meet Our Team

Our Orthopedics team includes surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses who provide expert, individualized care for each child. 


Nationwide Children's Hospital Medical Professional

Kevin E. Klingele

Kevin E. Klingele, MD is the Chief of Orthopedics.

Patient Stories

Billy C

Read Billy's Story

Name: Billy C.
Age Today: 22 Years

Billy was in the sixth grade when he noticed that his left foot was turning inward and that he was “walking weird.” He was later diagnosed with Legg-Perthes disease, a condition where blood flow to the hip joint is disrupted, causing the bone in the hip to become malformed and weak.

Maureen C

Read Maureen's Story

Name: Maureen C.
Condition(s): Scoliosis
Age Today: 25 Years

Maureen’s yearly check-up was routine, until the spinal check. Asked to bend over, she did so freely and had no hesitation. But one side of her back was clearly raised higher than the other.

Gunner M

Read Gunner's Story

Name: Gunner M.
Condition(s): Spinal Muscular Atrophy SMA
Age Today: 11 Years

When Gunner was not quite one year old, he underwent testing at the Neurosciences Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He didn’t seem to want to “go faster” then and his mom and dad wanted to make sure everything was okay.

Conditions We Treat

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Orthopedics in the News

Makya M
Patient Story

Meet our Patients

Makya was born with with a severely deformed spine. But his 15 back surgeries haven’t stopped him from riding horses, playing baseball, running and riding his bike. He doesn’t let anything hold him back, and faces each day with courage, a smile, and a positive attitude.