Center for Comprehensive Spine Care

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Center for Comprehensive Spine Care

Spine health concerns can affect a child’s comfort, mobility and confidence. No matter how mild the back pain — or how complex the deformity — our surgeons offer a customized treatment plan and the individualized care your family deserves.

Our four spine surgeons use the latest techniques and technologies to ensure children receive the best that the medical field has to offer. We collaborate with experts throughout Nationwide Children’s Hospital as needed to provide well-rounded, thoughtful care for physical therapy, rehabilitation and other services. And if your child needs complex spinal surgery, you can rest easy knowing that two surgeons will be on the job. That means your family gets twice the attention, twice the expertise, and twice the reassurance of receiving excellent care.

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Conditions and Services

We understand spine problems can be painful and stressful. That’s why we work hard to bring relief and comfort to patient families through friendly, personal care that meets each patient’s goals.

Our pediatric orthopedic experts manage care for children of all ages, as well as adults with pediatric spine conditions and deformities. We provide evaluation and treatment for all spinal conditions, including back pain, spinal injuries or trauma, developmental deformities, degenerative disorders, and more.

Conditions we manage include, but are not limited to:

Services and Procedures

Our surgeons use the latest techniques and equipment to help kids achieve their best possible spinal alignment, comfort and function. In addition to working with radiologists, neurosurgeons and physical therapy experts as needed, our team creates individualized care plans for each patient.

For conditions requiring surgery or special devices, we use the most advanced technology available for children with early-onset and idiopathic scoliosis. This includes:

  • MAGEC and VEPTR rods to promote life-saving spinal growth in young children with early-onset scoliosis.
  • Vertebral body tethering. This device is implanted once and continues to improve spine straightening as the child grows without repeated surgeries, allowing for more mobility and a higher quality of life.

We have a unique approach to every spine surgery: two surgeons.

This means our patients have an extra degree of care and attention for any operation, and our surgeons get extra experience with all types of procedures. We believe that teaming up results in surgical outcomes that match or outperform other leading hospitals, and help make our post-infection rates some of the best in the country.

We also stay abreast of all research to ensure that our patients receive the most informed and up-to-date care. Our surgeons even work with medical instrument companies to improve techniques used during operations.

Our Team and Our Partners

Our collaborative team of spine experts has decades of experience treating all types of spine conditions. We stay at the forefront of new procedures and therapies, and lead the way in innovative approaches to improve care. And to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible, our caring clinicians work to provide personalized, thoughtful treatment for each and every visit.

Meet Our Team

In addition to our own orthopedic experts, the Center for Comprehensive Spine Care teams up with experts throughout Nationwide Children’s to offer patients the best in multidisciplinary care. We regularly collaborate with experts in the following programs, as well as any others required to offer outstanding, seamless care for your spinal and other health needs:


Nationwide Children’s has a rich tradition in clinical research programs, outcomes studies and care innovations. To advance the quality of care and improve outcomes for our patients, the Center for Comprehensive Spine Care maintains a database to track our performance and outcomes. In time, these data will offer insight for how to minimize risk to our patients while improving their care.

In addition, our clinicians participate in collaborative investigations to improve surgical techniques, patient healing, outcomes and comfort.

The Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement (GAME)

Our patients now have the benefit of access to a state-of-the-art gait and spinal motion lab. This research allows in-depth modeling of the spine’s configuration, motion, and the potential effects of different surgical approaches. By obtaining data and imaging, our experts are leading the way toward the future of orthopedic care — one where spinal surgery options are evaluated and compared in advance, to find the best spinal care solution for every patient.

Honda Center

Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement

Walking. Moving. Better. At the Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement, children and adults with mobility limitations, spinal conditions, neuromuscular disorders and congenital and acquired limb conditions have access to in-depth analysis of their gait and motion.


We look forward to meeting new patients, and we welcome referrals from all physicians. Please call (614) 722-5175 to schedule an appointment or refer a patient.

The Center for Comprehensive Spine Care is available to patients at multiple Nationwide Children’s orthopedic clinic locations:

Orthopedic Center

Orthopedic Center