Distal Radius Buckle (Torus) Fracture

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This fracture is a common injury in children. It is often caused from falling on the hand. This fracture causes one side of the bone to bend, but does not actually break through the bone. It is an incomplete fracture that normally heals within 1 month.a velcro wrist splint

Diagnosing the Fracture

  • Your child will have an x-ray of his or her arm to see if the arm is broken.
  • If the x-ray shows a distal radius buckle (torus) fracture, then your child will get a Velcro wrist splint (Picture 1).
  • A splint will be put on the arm to help keep the bone protected and the wrist still (immobilized). It is very important to wear the splint until your orthopedic provider 
    tells you it can be taken off.

Splint Care

  • After the Velcro splint is placed, your child must keep it on at all times.
  • Keep the splint clean and dry at all times.
  • Your child should move his or her fingers often to help keep good blood flow to the fingers.
  • If you have two splints, one may be worn for bathing and showering. If you have only one splint, then the splint may only be taken off for bathing and showering. It should be put back on the wrist right after bathing.
  • The splint may be taken off once a day to check the skin for irritation or redness.
  • The child should only take off the splint when being watched by a parent or guardian.
  • The patient may stop wearing the splint in 3 weeks, on _____________.


Please talk to your child’s health care provider before allowing the child to participate in any sports, gym, or other physical activities.

When to Call the Doctor

If any of these things happens after you leave the hospital, call your child’s orthopedic provider right away:

  • Your child has numb or tingling fingers and cannot feel it when you scratch the fingers.
  • Your child’s fingers are bluish-purple in color.
  • The fingers feel cold and do not improve with elevation.
  • The fingers do not become pink again within three seconds of pressing the fingernails. Read the Helping Hand, Circulation Checks, HH-II-60.
  • There is more than a little swelling with discomfort.
  • Your child is in too much pain to move his or her fingers.
  • Your child has extreme pain when you move his or her fingers.


  • Your child may have some wrist stiffness, tenderness, and weakness for 1-2 weeks after removal of the splint. If these symptoms continue after 2 weeks, please call the Orthopedic Center at 614-722-5175.
  • No formal follow-up appointment is needed.
  • If you have any concerns or questions, please call Nationwide Children’s Hospital Orthopedic Center at 614-722-5175.

Distal Radius Buckle (Torus) Fractures (PDF)

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