Experiences Available to Sports Medicine Athletic Training Interns

Functional RehabilitationWorking with Certified Athletic Trainers, this is an aggressive program designed to fully return our patients to their pre-injury level of play, focusing on flexibility, muscle strength, power, balance, agility and functional coordination or body control.

Clinic Rotations: The intern will have the opportunity to work closely with Certified Athletic Trainers and Sports Medicine Physicians in the clinic setting.Here you will experience all aspects of patient care from documentation, diagnostic testing, brace fitting and home exercise programs.

Injury Prevention ProgramsStudents will have the chance to observe and participate in our IPP’s. This program is designed to focus on keys to injury prevention for all athletes. We tailor sport specific programs that target balance, agility, core strengthening, coordination, functional movements and flexibility to engage the total athlete, and keep them safe and in the game.

New U Program (Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition): A medical weight loss program designed for children 11 years of age and older who struggle with being overweight.The intern will have opportunity in this program to work along side the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Athletic Trainers, physicians and nutritionists.

Orthopedic Clinic Setting: Interns will have a rotation with the Orthopedic department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to observe the Orthopedic Surgeons in the clinic setting and the operating room.

Radiology: Observe the radiology department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and gain experience with all aspects of diagnostic testing performed on a daily basis.

Special Event Coverage: Student Athletic Training Interns will have a chance to use their skills and knowledge working along side Certified Athletic Trainers from Nationwide Children’s Hospital providing medical services for outside events, camps and tournaments.

Outreach Services: Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine department provides athletic training services for many high schools in the greater Columbus area. These athletic trainers are responsible for injury prevention, injury evaluation, rehabilitation, event coverage, and physician referrals. Physician coverage for some events is also coordinated as a part of our school outreach service. Student Interns will have the opportunity to gain experience in clinical outreach at various high school settings.They will also have the ability to see how athletic trainers serve in their communities as education resources to teachers, administrators, school nurses, and parents.

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