Student Testimonials about the Sports Medicine Athletic Training Internship

What does past intern Linzie Evans have to say about the Student Athletic Trainer Internship Program?

During my internship at Nationwide Children’s Hospital I was given the knowledge and tools to act as a young professional. Interns truly get to live the life of the staff. From working with patients to helping with projects and staff meetings, I always felt like a part of the team’s success. I gained an enormous amount of confidence to be a great Athletic Trainer.

I not only learned about medical care for physically active youth, I learned about the profession of Athletic Training as a whole. I learned to become more involved in the promotion of the profession and the future goals of the profession. I also enjoyed working with the young population and plan to work with children in the future.

I would recommend the internship at Nationwide Children’s to other Athletic Training Students because it is a great opportunity to learn about medical care specific to young athletes. This internship allows you to take what you learn in school and what you learn from the experienced professionals and put it into action. You function as part of the team and gain a tremendous amount of confidence along the way.

The best of the best work at NCH and I would love to be a part of it. NCH Sports Medicine is what I like to think of as the future of Athletic Training. The staff is constantly finding ways to improve medical care and researching ways to reach out to other populations that would benefit from Athletic Training services.

- Linzie Evans, Wright State University

Chris Rodek learned valuable information that "you will not learn in the classroom"

My experience interning at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine was most beneficial and rewarding. While striving to become an athletic trainer, I wanted to get experience in the field outside of just the classroom. Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine provided me with the ultimate professional atmosphere. The staff welcomed me as one of their own, and by week two, I felt as if I had been with them for much longer. I was able to experience first hand the difference between athletic training in a clinical setting versus what they call “frehab” athletic training where they actively work with patients. I was able to sit in the rooms while they interviewed patients and observe two reconstructive surgeries. My internship lasted four weeks, which looking back on it was too short. I walked out of those few weeks wanting more. The people that I worked with made me feel completely comfortable with everything from day one and started letting me do things the more I was comfortable with as time went on, especially by letting me have my own input on a patient’s condition or rehab process. I would strongly recommend this experience to those who are interested in this field because the information you learn with them, you will not learn in the classroom. Coming into my second year in the athletic training program, being able to experience what I did made the transition to clinical hours much more rewarding. This type of opportunity is something I will always build off of and hope to continue at some point with them. After graduation, I would be more than happy to join those working for Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine already. Being around the type of environment they create makes it feel much more enjoyable rather than just a job.

- Chris Rodek, Kent State University