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Many football players live for the excitement that comes with playing on the field under the stadium lights. But in order to get valuable playing time, you’ll have to make sure you’re not injured and your body is in its best shape. Learn about some helpful ways to make sure your body is in its best shape for the big game.

How do students improve performance and reduce risk of injury?

  • Football is highly explosive with each play lasting approximately 8 seconds. Therefore, if you are strictly an offensive player competing 60 plays per game, you may actually only compete in about 8 minutes of total work. And though this may be an exaggeration of total work, football is a unique sport of high intensity activity with high risk of injury that requires different training routine.
  • Football should focus on explosive power and strength exercises, the key is to have a proper fundamental basis for each of the complicated lifts before advancing too quickly with weight.
  • Strength training with the multi-joint power lifts should be done with 6-12 reps, for 3-5 sets, with 2-3 minutes of rest for each set using high intensity (65 – 95%) and high volume.
  • Players starting Olympic style lifts should have plenty of practice with no weight (even up to 1 year of training) so they can master the movement before they begin with a weight routine.
  • Equipment Fitting
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