Sports Medicine Resources for Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey has grown in popularity among young athletes in recent years, and with this increase has come an increase in related sports injuries. Learn about some helpful ways you can make sure your body is in its top physical shape to compete as an ice hockey player.


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Protective Equipment

Ice hockey is a collision sport which requires good protective gear.  Whether you are looking for new equipment for your young athlete first beginning the game, or want to see if the gear he or she has fits right, click here for great advice on proper fitting.


Concussions have become a major topic of focus, and ice hockey is no exception. Ice hockey has the highest rate of concussion in team sports, even more than football. With the high speeds the players achieve on the ice and the equipment involved; pucks, sticks and rigid boards around the rink injuries including concussion are likely to happen. USA Hockey, the governing body for hockey in the United States has voted on new rules governing at what age body checking will be allowed, moving it from Pee-Wee level (11 years old) to Bantam (13 years). Read our article on Ice Hockey Concussion Rules.

For even more information on the new rules click here to visit USAHockey.

NHL Videocenter

The NHL Videocenter is a valuable resource for young ice hockey players when learning what constitutes the difference between a safe, legal body check and a dangerous, illegal hit.

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