Sports Medicine Resources for Cheerleading

Sports teams aren't the only ones who can be injured during a sporting event. Cheerleaders who cheer for these teams as well as compete in competition are also susceptible to injury. Learn about some helpful ways to prevent injury when cheering your team to victory.

How do students improve performance and reduce risk of injury?

  • Proper conditioning. Physically preparing and maintaining strength, flexibility and stamina for stunting and tumbling.
  • Core strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning (aerobic & anaerobic)
  • Proper warm up, stretch and cool down for every practice or competition and make sure to rest
  • Spotting. Have trained spotters present and engaged at all times
  • Focus at all times during stunting and tumbling activities
  • Proper equipment. Practice on mats or padded flooring until your routines are perfected. Ensure that mats are adequate in size and sufficient for activities that are being performed


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