Sports Medicine Resources for Tennis

With the many twists, turns and backhands a tennis player performs during a match comes a very real potential for injury. Many injuries in tennis can be prevented, but as a tennis player you must be interested in conditioning your body to help prevent these injuries. Below are some helpful ways to keep your body in its best shape.

How Do Students Improve Performance and Reduce Risk of Injury?

  • Tennis is another sport of explosive activity that has a high level of endurance and lateral motion activity.
  • Core strength is another important component to help keep players balanced and will enhance rotation power of the torso.
  • Agility and footwork drills are important to enhance performance. Use dot drills, ladders, and cones to set-up drills focusing on quickness and all planes of motion.
  • Strength programs should be set-up to focus on high repetition, low weight, with short rest interval to try and imitate the muscular demands.
  • Additional consideration should be given to the rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers to help reduce overuse shoulder injury.
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