Biopathology Center Processing and Banking Core

The Processing and Banking Core provides biospecimen processing and banking services, utilizing the best technologies for current and future research.

A variety of services are available to institutional investigators to support discovery and innovation. Services include:

  • Support for the planning and development of project specific infrastructure, detailing biospecimen collection, processing, distribution and storage specific to the needs of the project or study
  • Biospecimen accessioning and processing
  • Nucleic acid extraction (DNA and RNA)
  • Mononuclear cell isolation and cryopreservation (buffy coat and Ficoll)
  • Body fluid processing
  • Digital pathology
  • Distribution of samples
  • Short- and long-term biospecimen banking

The core is equipped with the expertise and infrastructure of the Biopathology Center (BPC) and can handle a wide variety of biospecimen types while maintaining the flexibility required to accommodate the unique needs of each project.

The Processing and Banking Core is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Laboratory and Biorepository Accreditation Program and certified by CLIA for clinical testing.

The Processing and Banking Core provides around-the-clock temperature-monitored storage solutions, including -20°, -80° and liquid nitrogen (LN2) vapor phase, to provide optimal banking conditions for each biospecimen. Processes are documented and tracked throughout the biospecimen life cycle for future project reporting.