Flow Cytometry Core

Flow Cytometry has a diverse array of applications and The Abigail Wexner Research Institute seeks to help researchers with any application they wish to pursue. For trained investigators, we provide technical expertise and 24/7 access to equipment to facilitate your research with minimal oversight. Our knowledgeable staff are here if needed to assist you with experiment design, data acquisition, data analysis and any other questions you may have.   For investigators that require a higher level of service, the Flow Cytometry Core now offers full-service support of research studies requiring routine PBMC processing, cryopreservation, T cell ELISPOT analysis, multiplexing or immunophenotyping.


  • BD LSRII (Dodecapus), 3 Lasers, 44/hr
  • BD Fortessa (Kraken),  5 Lasers, $44/hr
  • BD Fortessa (Leviathan), 5 lasers, $44/hr
  • BD Influx Cell sorter,  5 lasers, $66/hr
  • Cytek Aurora - Full spectrum, 5 lasers, $44/hr
  • Beckman Coulter CytoFlex LX, 4 lasers, $44/hr
  • Nanosight NS300, $44/hr
  • Bioplex-200 Array System, $50/plate
  • Sysmex Cell counter, $20/month
  • BioTek Synergy LX Multi-Mode Microplate reader, $20/month


  • Cell sorting, $66/hr
  • Operator-assisted acquisition, $75/hr
  • Bioplex service, $200/assay + consumables
  • Consultation, $50/hr


Faculty, staff, and students of the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s research community are permitted to use the Flow Cytometry Facility. Prior to independent use of any of the cytometers, every user is required to attend an in-service training session with one of the core facility staff.

For training, please contact Dave Dunaway and Cecele Denman


Flow Cytometry sessions on any of the analytical cytometers are scheduled on a first come first serve basis by signing up via the Flow Cytometry core service request link. Access to the eCores reservation system is predicated upon completion of the required initial training session for all new cytometer users. In addition you must have an eCores account in order to access the reservation system. All cytometers are available to investigators 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Once the required training session has been completed new users will be provided with a user name and password in order to use the cytometers.


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