Schedule Overview

Resident with male infant patient

Our faculty value and respect our residents and their contributions. Your autonomy in medical decision-making will be balanced with caring supervision. The Integrated Specialty rotations include both inpatient and outpatient services. On average, 50% of our residents choose primary care careers, and 50% go on to fellowships at some of the nation’s most competitive programs.

3-Year Rotation Breakdown

Rotations are (13) 4-week blocks each year

PL-1s PL-2s PL-3s
  Blocks   Blocks   Blocks
Ward Rotations 7-8 Ward Rotations 3-4 Ward Rotations 4-5
*Primary Care 1 ED 1-2


ED Wildcard+++



DBP/ED 1 Primary Care 1 Primary Care 1
*Elective 1 PICU 1 PICU 1
*OSU Well Baby 1 OSU NICU 1-2 OSU NICU 0-1
OSU NICU 1 Adolescent Medicine+ 0-1 Adolescent Medicine+ 0-1
Adolescent Medicine 0-1 **PECS (Ped Ed in Community Sites)+ 1 Surg/Sports Med++ 1
    **Electives+ 3 ***Electives+ 3

* 3 Weeks Vacation taken during Primary Care, OSU Well Baby and Elective rotations

(Plus 6 days holiday break)

** 3 Weeks Vacation & Conf/Interview days taken during PECS and Electives

(Plus 6 days holiday break)

*** 3 Weeks Vacation & Conf/Interview days taken during Electives

Plus 6 days holiday break)


Ward rotations, NICU and PICU are covered by a combination of day and night shifts.  Night call is still in the OSU NICU.  Call frequency meets the recommended standards of the American Board of Pediatrics’ Council on Graduate Medical Education.

+Elective, PECS, Adol Med, Research Pathway: (2-4) “FLEX” (back-up) call shifts per block for the wards and the ED
++Surg/Sports Med: (1-2 weeks) “Jeopardy” (back-up to flex)
+++ED Wildcard: 4 weeks of "wildcard" used for long-term back up.