Schedule Overview

Resident with male infant patient

Our faculty value and respect our residents and their contributions. Your autonomy in medical decision-making will be balanced with caring supervision. The Integrated Specialty rotations include both inpatient and outpatient services. On average, 50% of our residents choose primary care careers, and 50% go on to fellowships at some of the nation’s most competitive programs.

3-Year Rotation Breakdown

Rotations are (13) 4-week blocks each year

PL-1s PL-2s PL-3s
  Blocks   Blocks   Blocks
Ward Rotations 7-8 Ward Rotations 2-3 Ward Rotations 4-5
*Primary Care 1






ED Wildcard+++



DBP/ED 1 Primary Care 1 Primary Care 1
*Elective 1 PICU 1 PICU 1
*Newborn Med 1 OSU NICU 1-2 OSU NICU 0-1
OSU NICU 1 Adolescent Medicine+ 0-1 Adolescent Medicine+ 0-1
Adolescent Medicine 0-1 **PECS (Ped Ed in Community Sites)+ 1 Surg/Sports Med++ 1
    **Electives+ 3 ***Electives+ 3

* 3 Weeks Vacation taken during Primary Care, Elective and Newborn Med rotations

(Plus 6 days holiday break)

** 3 Weeks Vacation & Conf/Interview days taken during PECS and Electives

(Plus 6 days holiday break)

*** 3 Weeks Vacation & Conf/Interview days taken during Electives

Plus 6 days holiday break)

Duty hours meet the recommended standards of the ACGME. Ward rotations, PICU, and NICU are covered by a combination of day and night shifts. (Senior residents will have occasional 24-hour shifts – Interns are not assigned any 24-hour shifts).

+Elective, PECS, Adol Med, Research Pathway: (2-4) “FLEX” (back-up) call shifts per block for the wards and the ED
++Surg/Sports Med: (1-2 weeks) “Jeopardy” (back-up to flex)
+++ED Wildcard: 4 weeks of "wildcard" used for long-term back up.