Primary Care Track

Patient checking a resident's heart

Nationwide Children's Hospital / The Ohio State University’s Pediatric Residency’s Primary Care Track (PCT) is designed for applicants who want a career in general pediatrics, either as general pediatrician in a community, an academic generalist or a general pediatrician engaged in significant advocacy and/or public health issues for children. Our program has four residency spots in each class reserved for the primary care track.

Our PCT combines the educational strengths of our traditional residency program curriculum with enhanced experiences in primary care. Those residents who are part of the PCT receive a strong foundation in inpatient and specialty pediatrics, but also devote more than half of their residency time to outpatient experiences related to primary care. 

A key feature of the primary care track is that the participating residents have yearly block rotations in two differing primary care settings – their Nationwide Children’s Continuity Practice, where they care for an urban, underserved population; and their PECS (Pediatric Education in Community Sites) practice, where they see patients in a private practice in suburban Columbus alongside a community pediatrician. There is a 4 week block rotation in each setting for the three years of residency, as well as ongoing longitudinal experiences in both.  

Residency block rotations that round out the PCT include: an additional Adolescent Medicine/Mental Health block rotation, a Senior Normal Newborn block, Sports Medicine, Dermatology, Allergy/Immunology and our RISI (Residents in Schools Initiative) program. RISI is a program unique to Ohio State’s Pediatric Residency program. The Residents in Schools Initiative is a longitudinal experience that occurs over several blocks of residency. On specific rotations (PC, PECS, Intern Elective, DBP), residents spend one afternoon per week at their assigned elementary school in Columbus teaching half hour health and science lessons to all the second and third grade classes at the school to foster health understanding and enhance the students’ ability to make healthy choices. 

PL-1s PL-2s PL-3s
Blocks Blocks Blocks
Inpatient Ward 6 Inpatient Ward 2 Inpatient Ward 3
Primary Care (PC) 1 Primary Care (PC) 1

Primary Care (PC)


DBP/ED 1 Surgery/Sports Med 1 Adolescent/Mental Health 1
Elective 1 Emergency Medicine 2 Emergency Medicine 1
OSU NICU 1 OSU NICU 1 Senior Normal Newborn 1
Normal Newborn OSU 1 Allergy Immunology/Dermatology 1 Acute Care Selective: Choice of Delivery Room, Urgent Care or EM 1
Adolescent Medicine 1 PICU 1 PICU 1
Electives 2 Electives 3
DBP/Admitting 1

Application Process

Applicants interested in the Primary Care Track (PCT) should apply to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital/The Ohio State University PCT through ERAS.  You will receive an email letting you know the status of your application.  Note that since the PCT and Categorical Pediatrics are similar, yet are separate matches, we encourage those who apply to the PCT to also apply to the Nationwide Children's Hospital/The Ohio State University Categorical Pediatrics Program as well (one interview will serve both programs).