Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency

Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency

The Nationwide Children's Hospital Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency is an APTA-credentialed, 13-month clinical residency that begins in July.

The Nationwide Children's Hospital Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency allows for residents to complete clinical work at state-of-the-art physical therapy facilities in the greater Columbus area.

Through physical therapy, Nationwide Children's Hospital offers a pediatric program specifically for children ages 0-18 years of age who have a temporary or permanent disability due to injury, disease or birth defect. The goal of our PT program is to help children enjoy life by attaining their optimal level of independence.

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What You Need to Know


Residents will participate in approximately eight hours of weekly one-on-one mentored patient care with our residency program staff and four to eight hours of weekly non-mentored learning opportunities, in addition to 28 hours a week of direct patient care. A portion of the residency program functions within the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program (LEND) through The Ohio State University’s Nisonger Center.

The residency staff includes board-certified pediatric specialists with faculty and staff of Nationwide Children’s and The Ohio State University.

Unique educational opportunities include involvement in various multidisciplinary clinics, participating in clinical research and completing leadership projects in addition to lecturing to other therapists and students as well as to the community.

The resident will have online access to educational materials through The Ohio State University Library and can receive research assistance from our evidence-based practice and research coordinators.

The resident will be employed full time by Nationwide Children’s Hospital and will receive a benefits package including medical and retirement (403B) plans. The salary is very competitive compared to similar programs throughout the nation.

Program Graduation Rate

Currently, Nationwide Children’s Pediatric PT residents have a 100% graduation rate from the residency program.

Certification Exam Pass Rate

Currently, the program has a 100% pass rate on the pediatrics certified specialist exam by Nationwide Children’s Hospital residency graduates.

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Application and Selection

Applications will be accepted from October through December, with interviews beginning in February.

Any questions in regards to the residency can be sent to Lori Grisez, PT, DPT, PCS.

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Resident Testimonials

“Nationwide Children’s diverse learning experiences allowed for ample opportunities to work alongside and learn from experts across multiple different disciplines. As a resident, it was through these opportunities that the standard of care in the support of pediatric development across various clinical settings was defined. Through a large network of very knowledgeable and supportive mentors I was able to develop, both personally and professionally, into the pediatric physical therapist that my patients deserve. Completing the residency did not only provide me with the skills and education to meet the standard of care but has also motivated me to exceed it and to challenge the status quo.”

Christopher Steiner, PT

“Participating in a pediatric physical therapy residency was the best professional decision I have made thus far. The didactic and service learning, research opportunities, inter- and multidisciplinary teamwork, and assistant teaching experiences have afforded me a well-rounded skill set to help improve activity and participation levels for children and families. The rich mentorship from pediatric certified specialists and other healthcare professionals with years of clinical and research experiences provides life-long resources and fosters the development of enhanced clinical problem solving and patient and family compassion for achieving best outcomes.”

Nicholas S. Kelly, PT, DPT

“Completing the Pediatric Residency Program through Nationwide Children’s Hospital has elevated my skillsets as a clinician, patient and family advocate, researcher, teacher, and leader. This program equips residents with a toolset needed to practice at the top of their licensure through assurance to evidence-based practice. In addition to an emphasis on patient care, residents learn to better understand the roles of culture on medical care, to emphasize family-centered care approaches, integrate and facilitate research to advance best practices, and serve as a member on a multi-disciplinary team. The Nationwide Children's Pediatric Residency program has given me the confidence and knowledge to better provide for my patients and their families.”

Abigail Nelson, PT, DPT

“I completed my Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency at Nationwide Children’s Hospital from July 2019-July 2020 and it was by far the most fulfilling and educational experience I have endured. The curriculum allowed me to partake clinically in a plethora of different settings including outpatient, inpatient, inpatient rehab, numerous specialty clinics, school therapy, and early intervention. The pediatric residency at Nationwide Children's Hospital provided enrollment in the LEND program, research and involvement in multidisciplinary clinics allowed me to gain insight into specialty practice areas, build on a foundation of didactic knowledge and expand on my knowledge of the wide variety of possibilities that physical therapy can be involved in. Throughout the residency, the years of experience that my mentors provided was an invaluable benefit and I am thankful for their support and encouragement as I develop into the pediatric physical therapist that my patients deserve.”

Lee Ann Magiera PT, DPT

“Completing this residency was the best post-graduation career choice I have made thus far. Having worked for two years prior to residency, I can better understand and appreciate the value of having a team of intelligent, passionate, and evidence-based clinicians working alongside me in the clinic. In addition to honing my clinical skills, all of the extra experiences are what makes Nationwide Children’s a special place. I would not be the clinician that I am after this year without all of the thought-provoking conversations that I have had with my mentors, the ability to work in multiple inter-disciplinary clinics, the opportunities to give back to the community and become a better advocate, and the diversity of clientele that I have worked with across the various pediatric treatment settings. This experience has truly been invaluable.”

Jaimie Albert, PT, DPT


For more information regarding the residency, please contact:

Michelle Byars, PT
Program Manager, Developmental OTPT

Christine Mansfield, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC
Program Director

Lori Grisez, PT, DPT, PCS
Program Coordinator