Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency

The Nationwide Children's Hospital Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency is an APTA-credentialed, 13-month clinical residency.

The Nationwide Children's Hospital Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency is an APTA-credentialed, 13-month clinical residency that begins each year in July.

The program allows for residents to complete clinical work at state-of-the-art sports and orthopedic physical therapy facilities in the greater Columbus area.

Through Physical Therapy, Nationwide Children's Hospital offers a rehabilitation program specifically for athletes and children who have suffered bone and/or muscle injuries. The Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy team works closely with Nationwide Children's Sports Medicine and the department of Orthopedics to help rehabilitate and return children to their previous function level.

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What You Need to Know


The resident will participate in 4 hours of weekly one-on-one mentored patient care with our residency program staff, and 4-8 hours of weekly non-mentored learning opportunities. Residents will have 32-34 hours per week of direct patient care. Patient care will primarily take place at the Hilliard Close to Home Center with Urgent Care and Livingston Ambulatory Center. Mentoring, lectures and other learning opportunities can take place at any of our seven satellite locations. Weekly lectures are given by the residency program staff to help further their learning experience. The weekly lectures help ensure that the resident is exposed to a full range of orthopedic diagnoses, including those typical of an adult population.

The residency staff includes board-certified orthopedic specialists, vestibular certified therapists and certified manual therapists. Residents will also embark on their own research projects with the assistance of our research and evidence-based practice coordinators.

Residents will have the opportunity to work with certified hand therapists and STOTT PILATES® certified instructors. The resident will have online access to educational materials through The Ohio State University library.

Recurring Educational Activities

  • Weekly lecture
  • Weekly mentoring
  • Weekly preoperative gait training and education on postoperative exercise programs to patients at our outpatient surgery center
  • Monthly journal club
  • Bi-monthly sports therapy staff meeting
  • Quarterly clinical therapies all staff meeting
  • Quarterly tests, skills assessments, and assessment of a real time patient evaluation

Unique Educational Opportunities

  • Presenting at the Bodies in Motion continuing education course
  • Presenting to our physicians at the Fellowship Didactic
  • Presenting to our developmental PT staff
  • Observing an orthopedic surgery
  • Shadowing our sports medicine and orthopedic physicians
  • Leading an outcome group
  • Multiple community outreach opportunities provided throughout the year 

Certification Exam Pass Rate

Currently, all but one of previous residents have passed the certification exam.

Application and Selection

Applications will be accepted October through December, with interviews beginning in January and February.

Apply to the Orthopedic Residency Program

Any questions in regards to the residency can be sent to residency coordinators at Meghan.Wiehe@NationwideChildrens.org and Alexander.Rospert@NationwideChildrens.org.

Nationwide Children’s also offers a Sports Physical Therapy Residency. Learn more about the residency here.

Resident Testimonials

“The NCH orthopedic PT residency provides a unique opportunity to gain orthopedic clinical experience with primarily an adolescent population. The population really drew my interest and meeting some of the team through interviews made me want to join the residency even more. I found NCH a great place to learn and grow in the PT profession, with a focus more on an athletic/active and younger population compared to many other residencies I looked at.”

Briana Crowe, PT, DPT Resident, 2015-2016

“Early in my physical therapy education, I knew I wanted to pursue a residency for multiple reasons, including working with a specific population and to provide the highest level of care. When looking at different residencies, Nationwide Children’s was able to meet all my needs and became a perfect fit. NCH provided the opportunity to work with young, motivated athletes and learn the skills/knowledge to provide the optimal treatment for all conditions. Early on I was impressed with the diverse faculty who were able to provide expert insight into a variety of topics including certifications in sports, orthopedics, Pilates, hand therapy and vestibular rehab. In addition to expert clinicians, Children’s provided outstanding opportunities for research, public speaking and presenting at continuing education courses. Overall, NCH was an outstanding experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who is passionate about their career and motivated to provide the best treatment to their patients.”

Joshua A. Kempton, PT, AT, DPT Resident, 2014-2015

“Coming out of PT school I knew I wanted to pursue a residency program. I decided to complete my residency at Nationwide Children’s Hospital because of the unique opportunity it presented. The Orthopedic Residency program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital provided me not only with the opportunity to expand my knowledge in treating adult orthopedic pathologies, that I gained while in PT school, but also gave me the knowledge and experience to successfully treat a younger population which is often overlooked in many PT school curricula. NCH not only provided a unique patient population, working mainly with the adolescent orthopedic and sport population, but the structure of the program was unique to any of the other programs I researched. NCH’s residency program provided me with the opportunity to spend countless hours in a one on one setting with several experienced mentors, providing both lectures and mentoring during patient care building mentoring relationships that have continued to help me grow as a PT even after completing the residency program.”

Kristine Graft, PT, OCS, DPT Resident, 2013-2014

“Nationwide Children's Hospital, a place where everything matters. It was an easy choice to pursue a residency experience at this hospital. Their mission of care, advocacy, research, education and service speaks volumes. The vision was also captivating, "create optimal health for every child in our community". Who doesn't want that? After I met some of the PT team, it only seemed natural to be a part of such a valuable group that "does the right thing" to ensure best outcomes and experiences for every child (family) that is treated.”

Mark Linkinoggor, PT, DPT, OCS Resident, 2012-2013