Pediatric Resident Advanced Competency Program

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The Pediatric Resident Advanced Competency Program is designed to foster and encourage interest in special skills that can help define the successful pediatrician and provide special meaning and accomplishment to a pediatric career.  While these skills may not be core for all pediatricians, those who develop and pursue one or more of these skills in their professional life will manifest more career satisfaction and accomplishments.

Program Goals

  • Develop residents who are well prepared to pursue the respective advanced competency through their career.
  • Develop residents who graduate with effective knowledge and skill in at least one of these advanced competency domains.

Advanced Competencies

Each Advanced Competency is designed to achieve specific objectives, is defined by multiple assessments and results in practical skills that prepare the resident for future development and work in that specific field.

Enrollment required by 12 or 18 month point of residency training.

Learning methods include online methods, readings, small group discussions/workshops, project work, writing and oral presentations depending on the Advanced Competency.

Each Advanced Competency requires a specific project or work product and a local and/or national presentation of the project work.

Program Requirements for each Advanced Competency


  • Must complete formal commitment to the program
  • Begin with at least 18 months remaining in training program


  • Establish an Advanced Competency project mentor within 3 months of commitment to the program.
  • Mentors should have record of scholarly and practical accomplishment in their respective field and mentor designation must be approved by Advanced Competency Program Director (ACPD)
  • Conduct semi-annual reviews with research mentor


  • Must reach established benchmarks as defined by Advanced Competency Program
  • Must complete all requirements to achieve Advanced Competency status