Advanced Competency in Pediatric Research

The Advanced Competency in Pediatric Research for pediatric residents fosters and encourages interest in academia and research by early involvement in research and exposure to the academic lifestyle through meaningful research activities, mentoring, seminars, and camaraderie.


  • Develop residents who are well prepared to embark on an academic scientist career path
  • Increase resident awareness and productivity in research at Nationwide Children's


  • Multiple choice knowledge assessment upon entry and completion of program
  • Written assessment of practical application of research knowledge
  • Presentation of research to residents and faculty
  • Manuscript ready for submission


Through participation in this program, residents will be able to:

  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of research design, biostatistics, and epidemiology
  • Devise a well-designed research project, including literature review, hypothesis, specific aims, study design, and methods
  • Successfully implement a research protocol, including data management and analysis
  • Effectively disseminate their research through both oral presentation and written manuscript

Learning Methods

  • Online research modules (coming soon) and/or viewing of research seminar series
  • Semi-annual retreats with didactics and workshops devoted to research design and analysis
  • Research small group meetings
  • Additional meetings and/or dinners devoted to career development
  • Experiential learning through design and completion of research project

 Program Requirements


  • Must complete formal commitment to the program
  • Begin with at least 18 months remaining in training program


  • Establish a research mentor within 3 months of commitment to the program
  • Mentors should have record of scholarly accomplishment and mentor designation must be approved by Advanced Competency Program Director
  • Conduct a semi-annual review with research mentor

Research and Scholarly Work Product:

  • Project proposal must be approved by mentor
  • Options include
    • Chart or data set review
    • Original clinical or basic research
    • Qualitative research
  • Submission to a regional or national conference is mandatory
  • Presentation
    • Local (NCH Research Day)
    • Regional/National Conference (if accepted and feasible from time perspective)
    • Oral presentation to residents and faculty in Advanced Competency
  • Must have manuscript drafted prior to completion of residency (ideally submitted for publication) with approval from research mentor

Program Faculty