Osteopathic Recognition Track

Female physician sitting with female toddler, smiling

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital /The Ohio State University’s Pediatric Osteopathic Recognition Track is a unique program that emphasizes osteopathic integration into general pediatrics training. Our program is the first pediatric program in the country to have received Osteopathic Recognition under ACGME’s Single Accreditation. Our track has four residency spots reserved each year.

Our mission is three fold:

  1. To help develop well-trained pediatricians who are competent, compassionate, caring and able to go into any field of pediatrics that they desire.
  2. To not only maintain the OMM skills learned in medical school but to expand on them.
  3. To incorporate the osteopathic vision of seeing every patient not as an illness, but as a unique individual whose health depends on medical, family and social determinants.

To meet our mission we have both unique rotations specific to our track and ongoing experiences during every block of residency. In regard to unique blocks, there are five in total.

  • Intern year residents spend one block learning about community /Osteopathic population health and advocacy while experiencing a detailed introduction to pediatric OMM in our clinic.
  • During second year our residents spend one block doing OMM, with 6-7 half days weekly of pediatric OMM clinic per week and additional time to work on an OMM focused scholarly activity. They also spend a block doing a rural medicine rotation.
  • Third year residents have the choice to do another block of OMM, advocacy/community health, a rural rotation, research (on an osteopathic focused topic) or a community NICU. This Osteopathic Recognition elective is provided to augment our resident’s personalized training.

In regard to ongoing experiences, every block throughout residency our residents meet for their own Osteopathic Recognition journal club and have a 3 hour block of time consisting of a lecture, followed by hands-on OMM table training focused on a body system. Residents also get time each week during their annual primary care rotation to work in the pediatric OMM clinic which is physically located in the same building. Annually there is a 2 day OMM retreat where outside speakers and OMM experts come and train our residents. Finally, our seniors attend an osteopathic focused national conference during their training.

In addition to the requirements listed above, our residents have the opportunity to help train medical students in OMM at the nearby Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine Dublin campus. We are fortunate to have a strong osteopathic training presence in the Columbus area, and our residents are encouraged to take part in this.

We feel that our program will develop not only your OMM skills but more importantly teach you how to seamlessly integrate the osteopathic vision into all that you do.

Application Process

Applicants interested in the Osteopathic Recognition Track (ORT) should apply to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital/ The Ohio State University ORT through ERAS. You will receive an email letting you know the status of your application. Note that since the ORT and Categorical Pediatrics are similar, yet are separate matches, we encourage those who apply to the ORT to also apply to the Nationwide Children's Hospital/Ohio State University Categorical Pediatrics Program as well (one interview will serve both programs). Note that the match for the ORT and Categorical Pediatrics are both through the NRMP.