Residents as Teachers

Research Medical Students

Nationwide Children's Hospital/ The Ohio State University's Pediatric Residency Program’s “Residents as Teachers” program is a longitudinal curriculum which includes presentations and workshops that focus on teaching topics and skills important to the needs of residents during each year of training. 

The topics are presented retreats and core lectures which occur throughout the residency. The teaching curriculum is focused in retreats to ensure all residents are able to experience them (since the entire class is made available for their retreats), and then discuss and practice these concepts with their peers.

Below find our current Residents as Teachers Series, the topic for each in the series, and the retreats in which they occur, as well as outcome measures for the educational endeavors.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Residents as Teachers Series

Topics included in our Residents as Teachers Series are:

  • Developing Expertise in Teaching in Medical Education: Learning climate/approach, goal setting (PL-1)
  • Teaching Adults: Understanding teaching and learning styles (PL-1)
  • Microteaching/One minute preceptor (PL-1)
  • Providing effective feedback (PL-1)
  • Dealing with the difficult learner (PL-1)
  • Small group teaching and large group teaching methods (PL-2)
  • Evaluation methods and best practices (PL-2)
  • Teaching procedures (PL-3)
  • Incorporating EBM into teaching (PL-3)