Sports Medicine

An unparalleled network of experts helps young athletes get back into the game quickly and safely.

Nationwide Children’s has become a regional destination for elite athletes looking to minimize the impact of injuries on their future performance. Here, orthopaedic and sports medicine teams have collaborated to create a patient care environment focused on returning young athletes to pre-injury activity levels safely and quickly, creating treatment and rehabilitation plans that meet the unique needs of maturing bones.

Nationally recognized for our expertise in treating juvenile osteochondritis dessicans (JOCD), we have established one of the largest bodies of clinical research on the surgical management of JOCD in the country. Each year, the team performs more than 100 ACL reconstructions, including growth plate sparing reconstructions, as well as hundreds of procedures to treat ligament injuries, meniscal tears and discoid menisci.

Further strengthening the team’s expertise was the recent addition of Matthew Beran, MD, to the team. Dr. Beran is dual fellowship-trained in sports medicine and pediatric orthopaedic surgery.