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Helping Hands™ Resources for Patient Families

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Anxiety and Worry

Anxiety is a normal emotion. It can cause feelings of fear, tension and worry. It can also cause physical changes in the body.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition characterized by inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. Symptoms are usually noticed by the time a child starts school. Treatment of ADHD may include family or individual counseling. Medicines may also be prescribed.

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Behavior Support: Catching Your Child Being Good

Using strategies to stop problem behaviors will set your child up for success.

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Behavior Support: Preventative Strategies

Using strategies to stop problem behaviors will set your child up for success.

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Behavior Support - Reducing Interruptions

Children often interrupt at times when parents are busy or are not paying attention to them. To cut down on interruptions, use short teaching sessions. They will help you and your child communicate better.

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Behavior Support: Using a Schedule

Using a schedule helps you and your child create expectations.

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Behavior Support - Using Planned Ignoring at Home

Planned ignoring, or extinction, is not paying attention to a problem behavior in order to decrease the behavior in the future. Your behavior support provider will teach you how to use planned ignoring.

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Bullying Information for Parents

Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior by a person or group that targets another person or group. It involves an imbalance of power and is usually repeated over time. Bullying is not teasing.

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Every child needs discipline. Use this guide to aid you in teaching your child right from wrong, and good from bad.

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Divorce and Children

More than a million children are affected by divorce each year. When parents divorce, it can be hard for children to get used to a new way of life. But parents can do many things to protect their children from the emotional harm divorce often brings.

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Healthy Sleep Habits for Babies and Toddlers

Sleep is important at all ages. Newborns do not know day from night, so they sleep and wake up at all times. Toddler sleep may vary too. This can be hard for parents.

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Healthy Sleep Habits for Older Children and Teens

Sleep is important at all ages. Sleep problems are common among many children and teens and can affect their focus while at school, work or home. Almost one-fourth of all children have some type of sleep problem. The problem can be caused by poor sleep habits or a medical condition.

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Helping Children Cope During Visits to the Doctor

When a child needs to see the doctor or go to the hospital, parents often want to know how they can make the experience easier for their child.

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Helping Children Feel Safe in Stressful Times

Stress is a common part of every child’s life. Children worry about their appearance, about tests and school projects, being accepted by friends, being separated from family, as well as many other concerns.

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Homework Help: Tips for Families

Helping your child with homework in a caring and planful way can increase engagement, avoid possible conflict and improve school success.

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Learning Problems

If you are worried about your child’s development, learning, attention, thinking or social skills, you are not alone. Many families struggle with these problems. Here are tips and resources to help your family find ways to assist your child.

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Pain Management: Dealing with Chronic Pain in Children and Teens

Dealing with chronic pain can be challenging for people of any age and their families. Along with good management of pain and stress, the following ideas can help your family break the cycle of chronic pain.

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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is competition or conflict between children being raised in the same family. It is a natural part of growing up that will impact how they learn to resolve problems.

Autism and Sleep

Sleep Terrors and Sleepwalking

Sleep terrors and sleepwalking are related disorders of sleep that usually go away by the teen years. Sleep terrors are not the same as nightmares. Nightmares are bad dreams the child often clearly remembers the next day. 


Stop Smoking

This page provides tips and resources to help you stop smoking.

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Talking to a Child About Racism

Parents and caregivers may find themselves struggling to talk about the concepts of race, descent and racism with a child.

Behavioral Health Clinical Tools and Guidelines

Preferred Drug List for Ohio Medicaid Plans

This information is intended for use by providers to select cost-effective medications for their patients and includes only medications which are covered by one or more plans.

Prescribing Guidelines for ADHD

This tool is designed to help primary care practitioners and behavioral health providers provide timely and effective treatment for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Prescribing Guidelines for Anxiety Disorders and Depression

This tool is designed to help primary care practitioners provide timely and effective treatment for children with mental health disorders.

Additional Provider Resources

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Treatment Insights and Provider Support

Ohio community-based primary care providers can receive provider-to-provider consultation with our psychiatrists through virtual appointments.

Webinar Series

The Behavioral Health Webinar Series equips pediatricians with the knowledge and resources to support your patients.

In-Clinic Resources

We offer a variety of resources for in-clinic use only, including:

  • Eating Disorders resources
  • Resources for families with a child who refuses or resists coming to school

If you would like to receive resources to use in your clinic, please call the Nationwide Children's Hospital Physician Liaisons at (614) 355-0886 or email us at

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