Big Lots Behavioral Health Services Annual Report

US News Badge Honor RollBig Lots Behavioral Health Services at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is a comprehensive service line dedicated to children and adolescents affected by mental illness and problems of emotion, behavior, development, thought and adaptation to life challenges, including those associated with physical illness and trauma. We are committed to partnering with patients, families and referring primary care clinicians and specialists to deliver services of public health relevance and to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes. Because no single discipline or professional can adequately address the needs of every child, our approach is deliberately multidisciplinary and collaborative.

Mary A. Fristad, PhD, and Joyce Chen, MD

Evolution of the Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit

The Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit (YCSU) is an inpatient psychiatric setting at Nationwide Children’s for children and adolescents experiencing a mental health crisis. Over the last 12 years, the YCSU has grown from a two-bed unit housed within a general emergency department to a 16-bed unit designed specifically with the needs of youths and families in crisis in mind. In a new book chapter, clinicians and researchers from Nationwide Children’s detail why the unit was established, how it has grown and why it is a promising alternative psychiatric intervention to traditional inpatient hospitalization.

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Nationwide Children's Hospital Annual Report 2022-23

Nationwide Children's Hospital 2022-23 Annual Report

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we’re not just committed to transforming our organization.

We’re dedicated to transforming child health care for every family, even if they never step foot on our campus. We’re doing this through perseverance, commitment and an unwavering faith in our team’s ability to achieve the high bar set in our most audacious strategic plan yet.

With One Team and One Focus – Leading the Best Outcomes for Children Everywhere – we are proud to be Nationwide Children's Hospital.

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