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Time to Consider Helmets in W. Lax
Daily Pennsylvanian- April 24, 2012

Football Injuries More Common In The Middle Of Games
LA Times- August 26, 2009

Hard Knocks
Time Magazine- February 2, 2009

High School Sports Shoulder Injuries More Likely in Boys
Washington Post- January 26, 2009

The Riskiest Sports for Kids
Women's Day- September 2008

Batted Balls Threaten High School Baseball Players
US News & World Report- June 5, 2008

Knee Injuries Main Cause of HS Sports Surgeries
Washington Post- May 29, 2008

Concussions: Is Football Too Dangerous?
People Magazine- October 8, 2007

Girls Are Often Neglected Victims of Concussions
New York Times- October 2, 2007

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New National Study Examines Concussion Management in High School Sports- December 1, 2010

Football Injuries in U.S. High School Athletes More Severe During Kickoff, Punting- August 13, 2009

Shoulder Injuries in U.S. High School Athletes Occur More Often in Boys- January 26, 2009

First Study to Examine Rare Injuries and Conditions of U.S. High School Athletes- December 2, 2008

Ankle, Feet Most Commonly Injured During High School Basketball- October 20, 2008

Injuries to High School Baseball Players Becoming More Serious- June 2, 2008

First of Its Kind Study Compares High School Knee Injuries by Sport and Gender- May 22, 2008

National Study First to Describe Sport-Related Concussion Among High School, Collegiate Athletes- October 22, 2007

New Study Sheds Light on Football-Related Injuries at High School, Collegiate Levels- July 26, 2007

Pilot Study Finds an Estimated 1.4 million High School Sports Injuries in 2005-06- September 28, 2006