ReACT Study

Concussion among youth is a major public health issue today. While too little rest can aggravate symptoms and slow recovery, too much rest is impractical. Scientific evidence is lacking regarding the amount of physical and cognitive rest a child needs after a sports-related concussion.

This Rest Evaluation for Active Concussion Treatment study aims to identify the optimal amounts of physical and cognitive rest needed for safe return to play and school among children who are recovering from a sports-related concussion.

By studying youth athletes with diagnosed concussions, we hope to be able to make evidence-based recommendations tailored to each individual child on the amount of rest needed following a sports-related concussion.


Participants in the study are 11-17 year olds with diagnosed concussions sustained during an organized, sport-related activity. Participants are enrolled within 72 hours of injury. We have partnered with athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians in the Greater Columbus Area, including schools contracted with NCH.


Participants and parents/legal guardians will be compensated for taking part in this study.


The ReAct Study is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).