The Pediatric Primary Care Research Affinity Group (PPC-RAG)

PPC-RAG Mission

The mission of the Pediatric Primary Care Research Affinity Group (PPC-RAG) is to improve child health and family outcomes by facilitating high-quality research in primary care settings and advancing innovation.

The central approach is building strong and collaborative relationships among key stakeholders, including primary and specialty clinicians, public health experts, clinical and translational researchers, health economists, epidemiologists, informaticists, statisticians, and others who will work together to identify research questions and conduct research.  

The PPC-RAG is a home for anyone interested in working within a primary care pediatrics laboratory. 

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About the Primary Care Pediatrics “Laboratory”

The Division of Primary Care Pediatrics has 12 clinics that provide over 200,000 patient visits annually throughout Columbus. These clinics are uniquely positioned to be a “learning healthcare system” – all clinics use the same electronic medical record (Epic); nearly all (90%) are enrolled in Partners For Kids (PFK), which would facilitate claims analysis; tablets (iPads) are being rolled out in the clinics to facilitate data capture from families; and hub clinics are being implemented in each quadrant of the clinical network, which will have additional space and clinical resources. This offers an innovative laboratory environment for researchers to conduct studies, taking advantage of advanced research methods related to implementation science (e.g., step-wedge studies, cluster randomized trials) to directly evaluate new or currently recommended services, as well as more general health services research. The opportunities that this laboratory presents go beyond what primary care researchers can do alone. The goal is for this laboratory to be a welcome home for subspecialists interested in issues of prevention or treatment within the primary care setting and for researchers across Nationwide Children’s Hospital or The Ohio State University interested in observational or interventional research in the primary care pediatrics laboratory.

The Division of Primary Care Pediatrics collaborates on projects leading to benefit for our patients, their families, our trainees, and our clinical operation. If interested in implementing a project in our clinics, please complete this form.

PPC-RAG Activities

The PPC-RAG will convene regular meetings to foster transdisciplinary research partnerships and new research activities. The group will also focus on funding opportunities that often go untapped. For example, the NIH Office of Disease Prevention gives priority to gaps identified by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The PPC-RAG will be able to identify topics that are important to the field and which can be feasibility studies. The group will also link researchers across the institution in a variety of fields with the access to clinical resources necessary for research in a primary care practice-based network.

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