Burkitt Lymphoma Genome Sequencing Project

The BCR serves as the biospecimen processing core for the Burkitt Lymphoma Genome Sequencing Project (BLGSP). Burkitt lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that occurs most often in children and young adults. All subtypes of Burkitt lymphoma will be studied: sporadic, endemic and HIV-associated. The goal of BLGSP is to explore potential genetic changes in patients that could lead to better prevention, detection, and treatment of this rare and aggressive cancer.

The BCR serves as the distribution center responsible for providing digital images for central pathology consensus review of all cases for the BLGSP. After cases pass central pathology review, the BCR will receive tissue samples. Once specimens qualify by pathology and molecular metrics at the BCR, molecular analytes are then distributed to the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) characterization center. The BCR also collects and standardizes clinical data for qualified cases, prior to uploading to the Office of Cancer Genomics’ (OCG) Data Coordinating Center.

Click here to visit the National Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Genomics website for more details on the BLGSP.