Cancer Driver Discovery Project

The Cancer Driver Discovery Project (CDDP) aims to identify driver mutations that occur in two percent or more of cancer cases. Further explanation of the molecular causes of cancer through deeper characterization of tumors is expected to yield insights into tumor biology, leading to better treatment options. Although a large number of driver genes have been identified through the efforts of TCGA, some tumor types have not been deeply characterized. By sequencing larger numbers of cases, the CDDP will have the statistical power to discover recurrently mutated genes in cancer that may drive the oncogenic process. 

The CDDP will study colon and lung adenocarcinoma based on statistical models that suggest additional driver mutations remain to be discovered while also considering the public health impact of further research into these cancers.

The BCR is responsible for the collection and processing of specimens for the CDDP. After specimens qualify by pathology and molecular metrics at the BCR, molecular analytes are then distributed to characterization centers.

For more information about the CDDP, please contact the NCH BCR.