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Center for Biobehavioral Health


The Center for Biobehavioral Health seeks to improve the health and health care of children, adolescents, and their families through behavioral research on vulnerable individuals and populations, using a multidisciplinary and biopsychosocial approach.

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Research Interests

  • To identify biological, psychological, and social factors associated with developmental risk and resiliency in children and families.

  • To design and test innovative interventions that will promote the health and quality of life of children and their families.


  • Social and Behavioral Outcomes of Childhood Illnesses—examining the effects on children and their families of a variety of medical problems, including inflammatory bowel disease, brain tumors, and traumatic brain injuries.

  • Child Factors Predisposing to Risky
    —studying biological and psychological characteristics that increase the risk of dangerous or unhealthy behaviors among children and adolescents.

  • Interventions to Promote Quality of Life—developing and testing intervention programs designed to promote health and adjustment in children with behavioral or medical problems and their families.

Patient-Centered Pediatric Research Program (PC-PReP)

The Patient-Centered Pediatric Research Program (PC-PReP) prepares postdoctoral fellows to engage in independent outcomes research in child health settings and become leaders in the conduct of patient- and family-centered outcomes research. For more information on the program, please visit the PC-PReP website.

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