Neuroimaging and Behavior Research Group

The mission of the Neuroimaging and Behavior Research Group (NIBREG) is to facilitate brain-behavior research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Our group provides expertise, consultation, training, and limited access to personnel, financial, and computing resources with the aim of developing fundable neuroimaging-and-behavior-based research projects.

We use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), eyetracking, intracranial electrocorticograhy (ECoG), as well as computer-based tasks to assess brain-behavior relationships in children and adolescents.

We have expertise in a variety of MRI-based approaches including both task-based and resting-state functional imaging; analysis of gray and white matter content in structural images and white matter tractography. We are able to facilitate analytics on the Baker high performance computing cluster with access to AFNI, FSL, Freesurfer, DSI and Matlab.

Meet Our Team