Our Labs

Crerand Lab

The Crerand Lab studies psychosocial outcomes such as body image in children and adolescents with acquired and congenital medical conditions, including craniofacial conditions and differences of sex development. Learn more about Principal Investigator Canice E. Crerand, PhD, and the lab staff in the Crerand Lab.

Gerhardt Lab

Under the direction of Center for Biobehavioral Health Director and Principal Investigator Cynthia Gerhardt, PhD, the Gerhardt Lab explores how children and families are affected by life threatening illnesses such as childhood cancer to develop interventions that improve the experiences of these illnesses. Learn more about the Gerhardt Lab and explore current projects.

Hoskinson Lab

Under the direction of Principal Investigator Kristen R. Hoskinson, PhD, the Hoskinson Lab team studies the long-term effects of pediatric chronic illnesses that affect brain functioning, with a focus on parts of the brain that support social development, complex problem solving, and day-to-day adjustment. Learn more about current studies and collaborations with other research groups.

Jackson Lab

Under the direction of Principal Investigator Jamie Lu Jackson, PhD, the Jackson Lab examines how individuals with congenital and acquired heart disease manage their illness and emotional wellbeing across their lifespan. Learn more about the Jackson Lab by exploring featured news and publications as well as information about current studies and training and volunteer opportunities.

Keim Lab

Principal Investigator Sarah Keim, PhD, and the Keim Lab examine how children learn and grow and how nutrition affects health and development, focusing on infants, toddlers, and young children, especially those born prematurely. Learn more about the Keim Lab and explore current studies, featured research and resources for study participants.

Mackner Lab

The Mackner Lab focuses on helping young people and their families live well with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, demonstrating the ways these conditions can affect all areas of life. Learn more about Principal Investigator Laura M. Mackner, PhD, and the lab team and explore current studies, newsletters, resources for families and more.

Nahata Lab

Under the direction of Principal Investigator Leena Nahata, MD, the Nahata Lab focuses on improving reproductive and psychosocial outcomes in pediatric populations at risk for infertility. Learn more about the Nahata Lab and explore featured news and publications as well as information about current studies.

Nelson Lab

Principal Investigator Eric E. Nelson, PhD, and the Brain Development and Social Cognition Lab study how the brain matures across development, including how brain changes that happen during adolescence affect social behavior, emotional responses and cognitive function. Learn more about lab staff and review current studies, participation FAQs and other resources.

Taylor Lab

The Child Brain & Development Lab studies neurodevelopmental outcomes of brain-related conditions to inform more effective approaches to identification and treatment of learning and behavior problems in children with these conditions. Learn more about Principal Investigator H. Gerry Taylor, PhD, lab staff and current studies and collaborations.