Evidence-Based Guidelines

See how our research impacts clinical care through our contribution to national and international evidence-based guidelines.

Leena Nahata
  • Infertility can result from many different pediatric medical conditions and/or treatments and is a major cause of psychosocial distress.  Dr. Leena Nahata has been contributing to evidence-based clinical guidelines on fertility and reproductive health care for childhood cancer survivors and other at-risk pediatric populations.
  • Additionally, as Chair of the Pediatric Initiative Network of the Oncofertility Consortium, she has been helping facilitate development of clinical programs to improve access to fertility preservation and reproductive health care.
H. Gerry Taylor
  • Concussion is a common in the pediatric population. As concussion can lead to persisting symptoms, it is important to properly identify children with this type of injury and to provide appropriate short- and longer-term interventions. Dr. H. Gerry Taylor was a member of a workgroup sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to create evidence-based guidelines for assessment and treatment of pediatric concussion. The guidelines were published in two related articles in JAMA Pediatrics in 2018.