Ohio Perinatal Research Network

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is leading the effort with The Ohio State University College of Medicine and The Ohio State University Medical Center to better understand preterm births and find prevention methods.

The Ohio Perinatal Research Network (OPRN) is a collaborative among clinicians and scientists from medical and research institutions with the goal of examining risk factors, associated complications and ultimately the prevention of preterm births.

OPRN Mission

To improve the lives of children and families in Ohio and beyond by discovering and implementing actions that measurably reduce prematurity associated morbidity and mortality

Perinatal Research Repository

One component of the OPRN is the Perinatal Research Repository, where clinical data and specimens from infants delivered prematurely and their mothers and/or fathers are stored and used in current and future research. This bank of clinical data and specimens from parents and their infants support OPRN and provide information to collaborating OPRN researchers and institutions across the United States.

The information gathered will be used in research about how to prevent, diagnose and treat preterm birth and the diseases and complications that may result from preterm birth. The repository will contain medical information and specimens from participants from across the United States that will be stored in one central location. Call (614) 722-2775 to enroll or for more information. Enrollment is ongoing.

Too Many Babies Being Born Too Soon

Half a million U.S. babies are born premature each year, part of a worldwide problem outlined in a new report. Read more.

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