Meet Our Residents

The following information is provided to let you learn more about our current pharmacy resident class at Nationwide Children's Hospital. 

Please feel free to contact our residents if you would like their insight regarding any of our four pharmacy residency programs.

Master of Science and PGY1/PGY2 Residency in Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership Residents

Nationwide Children's Hospital Medical Professional
Lubna Mazin, PharmD

Master of Science and Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership Resident – 2nd Year

Hometown: Denver, CO

Undergraduate School: The University of Colorado at Denver

Pharmacy School: The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

Reason for Residency: My goal upon completing residency is to be a part of a health-system network administrative team to impart change on a large scale and have an active role in state and federal regulation. The reason why I choose Nationwide Children’s is that I knew it would be a program that would push me to reach my greatest potential yet be that soft pillow to land on if things don’t go as planned. The preceptors and administrators are always wanting to see your progress and genuinely care about your wellbeing. Since resilience and burnout is an interest of mine, I was interested in learning more about how a health-system that established the second victim program (a program that supports providers who are traumatized by a patient care event) tackles the issue of burnout.

Areas of Interest: Health and wellness (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional), Resilience and Burnout, Technology implementation, Legislative Affair/Advocacy, Professional Organization Involvement, Finance, Strategic Planning, Medication Safety, Supply Chain, and Emergency Medicine.

Personal Interests: Fitness, climbing, traveling, proud plant mom, and avid self-development audiobook listener

Hannah Thornton
Hannah Thornton, PharmD

Master of Science and Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership Resident – 1st Year

Hometown: Olive Branch, MS

Undergraduate School: Mississippi State University

Pharmacy School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Reason for Residency: I knew I wanted a residency program that would allow me to cultivate my leadership style while providing me a solid clinical foundation to begin my pharmacy career. I felt that Nationwide Children’s gave me both of those things + established mentorship, on-call experiences, and longitudinal management experiences beginning in my first year. Everyone here at Nationwide has a genuine interest in helping you succeed & this was apparent to me throughout the interview process. Being supported both personally & professionally is not something that every residency program offers but Nationwide Children’s goes above and beyond to make sure that you know that they care about you.

Areas of Interest: Quality improvement, leadership development, corporate leadership, medication safety, work/life balance

Personal Interests: Reading, traveling, trying new restaurants in Columbus, walking with my dog Fitz

PGY1 Community-Based Residents

Kathy Monangai
Kathy E. Monangai, PharmD

PGY-1 Community-Based Pharmacy Resident

Hometown: Roseland, NJ

Undergraduate Education: University of Pittsburgh

Pharmacy School: University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

Reason for Residency: I have the chance to combine several passions of mine: patient education, pediatrics, and underserved healthcare. To put it simply, there is no other program such as this one. We are afforded so many opportunities that I never dreamt about getting in my first year of training. I was already infatuated with the program, but truly fell in love once I came to interview on site, met so many pharmacy staff members, and saw the beautiful hospital. I’m so excited to learn from some of the best!

Areas of Interest: Pediatric Ambulatory Care, Population Health, and Academia

Personal Interests: Being outdoors, finding the perfect Netflix series, and spending time with loved ones

Morgan Celone
Morgan Celone, PharmD

PGY-1 Community Care Resident

Hometown: Madison, CT

Undergraduate Education: The Ohio State University

Pharmacy School: The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Reason for Residency: During my last year of pharmacy school, I was fortunate enough to be placed at Nationwide Children’s for some of my rotations. For one of my months, I was in the Outpatient Specialty Pharmacy. It was during this rotation I discovered my passion for pediatric ambulatory pharmacy. After my rotation, I knew that pursuing this residency would allow me to continue to learn from an incredible team of pharmacists as well as gain additional experiences that would allow me to grow within the profession. I am humbled and honored to be a part of this amazing institution and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for me!

Areas of Interest: Specialty Pharmacy (specifically cystic fibrosis, gastroenterology, endocrinology), immunodeficiency, behavioral health, transitions of care.

Personal Interests: Spending time with my family and friends, all things Ohio State (O-H), football, going to the beach, being the self-proclaimed best “pet aunt” to all of my friend’s animals!

PGY2- Pediatrics Residents

Emma Wysocki
Emma Wysocki, PharmD, RDN

PGY2 Pharmacy Resident- Pediatrics

Hometown:Johnstown, PA

Undergraduate Education: The Pennsylvania State University

Pharmacy School:Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Reason for Residency: My first career was as a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist in a pediatric intensive care unit; it was there that I found my passion for pediatrics and was exposed to the vital role that pharmacists play in optimizing patient care. When I decided to return to school for pharmacy, I did so with the intention of becoming a pediatric clinical pharmacist and knew that residency training would be in my future. I wanted to be at a children’s hospital where I would be exposed to a variety of pediatric patient populations and where pharmacists are considered an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. In addition to wanting a program that would challenge me as a learner, I also wanted to further develop my skills as an educator and was impressed by the variety of teaching experiences in which residents participate at Nationwide Children’s. Nationwide Children’s pharmacy residency program provided all of the components of residency training that I was seeking and I am incredibly grateful to be starting my career under the tutelage of respected leaders in pediatric pharmacy.

Areas of Interest: Pediatric critical care, academia, infectious diseases

Personal Interests: Spending time with my family; cooking and baking; exploring coffee shops and breweries; reading and music

Christopher Stang
Christopher Stang, PharmD

PGY-2 Pharmacy Resident

Hometown:Norwalk, OH

Undergraduate Education: N/A

Pharmacy School: University of Findlay (0-6 Program)

Reason for Residency: After completing my first year residency at Nationwide Children's Hospital, I completely fell in love with the institutional and department culture. I knew that staying at Nationwide Children’s would allow me to capitalize on the foundation built in my first year through greater autonomy and responsibility as a second year resident. The rigor of the program and acuity of patients will help prepare me for a career in pediatrics. I look forward to expanding upon my pediatric knowledge base while completing several clinically based research projects throughout the year.

Areas of Interest: Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, and Research

Personal Interests: Biking, Cleveland Indians Baseball, Ohio State Buckeyes, Cooking

PGY-1 Pharmacy Residents

Colleen Miller
Colleen Miller, PharmD

PGY-1 Pharmacy Resident

Hometown: Louisville, OH

Undergraduate School: Penn State Behrend

Pharmacy School: Northeast Ohio Medical University

Reason for Residency: My passion for pediatrics stems from my undergraduate experience with Penn State THON, a 46 hour, no sleeping no standing dance marathon that raises money for pediatric cancer care and research. It was my time in THON that ignited my goal to have children at the center of my professional career. In childhood we begin life’s journey full of promise. The journey of childhood is full of shaping every day’s little moments and discovering the wonder of tomorrow. All children deserve to embark on their journey, to explore the world of possibilities, and to live out their dreams. Upon my arrival to Nationwide Children’s Hospital it was clear to me the pharmacists share in this passion and embody this value in their practice. The caregivers at Nationwide see the hope of tomorrow beyond the trials of today. It was this attitude that drew me to Nationwide Children’s; with the emphasis on teaching, commitment to research, and extraordinary safety culture, I knew I had found my home. I feel honored to be spending my first year as a pharmacy resident training under the guidance of such passionate and experienced pediatric leaders.

Areas of Interest: Neonatal care, hematology/oncology, transplant, antimicrobial stewardship

Personal Interests: Tennis/pickleball, riding my bike, exploring new places to go hiking, checking out new wineries, and most importantly spending time with my family!

Christopher Bond
Christopher Bond, PharmD

PGY-1 Pharmacy Resident

Hometown: Flushing, MI

Undergraduate School: University of Michigan

Pharmacy School: University of Michigan – College of Pharmacy

Reason for Residency: During my many years at Michigan, I found joy in working at a pediatric hospital. The hope, love, and determination so profoundly shared by patients, families and staff brought fulfillment to my life and allowed me to build professional and personal relationships that nurtured my budding pharmacy career. I knew right away that I wanted to continue this trajectory in a PGY-1 residency at a children’s hospital. Nationwide Children’s offers me rare PGY-1 experiences in my interests of cardiothoracic critical care and toxicology. The unmatchable breadth of specialties and experienced preceptors at Nationwide lets residents discover new passions and gives them the opportunity to care for unique patient populations. Knowing that any residency would be a challenging time, what I sought out most in choosing a PGY-1 program was the presence of a positive culture and a strong support system. From the very first interaction, the staff at Nationwide has welcomed, encouraged, and supported me throughout this trying year. My co-residents and I have great camaraderie and truly care for each other both in and outside the hospital. I am so grateful to go through this outstanding experience together!

Areas of Interest: Cardiology, critical care, toxicology

Personal Interests: Pumpkins, tea, running, forest animals, music, botany, and enjoying the Great Lakes

Alisha Chesser
Alisha Chesser, PharmD

PGY-1 Nontraditional Pharmacy Resident

Hometown: Jackson, OH

Undergraduate School: University of Findlay

Pharmacy School: University of Findlay

Reason for Residency: After working as an inpatient night shift pharmacist for the past 3 years at NCH, I learned that there is so much more to learn in the realm of pediatric pharmacy. I chose this residency to become better equipped with the skills I need in order to become a better resource to our medical teams and better advocate for our patients.

Areas of Interest: Acute Care, Endocrinology, Infectious Disease, Cardiology, Patient Safety, and Public Health

Personal Interests: Pretty much anything outdoors (hiking, camping, etc.), traveling, playing with my two cats, and hanging out with family and friends.