DISCOVERYx is a TEDx-inspired event held annually. This year's talk will showcase at least 6 presenters sharing an idea, an opportunity, an experience or a discovery and how this has contributed to improving health and wellness here at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Through communication, speakers will share thought-provoking ideas to spark conversation, make connections and inspire others. Enthusiasts from all disciplines at NCH are welcome to apply.

DISCOVERYx 2019 presenters


The selected presenters received professional coaching in preparation for a live TEDx-like event on June 11, 2019. An oversight committee selected speakers based on their passion and potential to deliver innovative ideas to the community. Thank you to everyone who came to this year's event and celebrated discoveries that make a difference to improve pediatric health.

Watch the presentations below.

Kelly Kelleher, MD, MPH presenting at DISCOVERYx 2019.

“Aiming to Cure Sick Neighborhoods, Not Just Sick Children”

Kelly Kelleher, MD, MPH
Vice President for Community Health and ADS Professor of Innovation in Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice

Kim Regis DISCOVERYx 2019 presenter.

“How a Stroke that Stopped My Life Taught Me How to Live”

Kim Regis, RN, DNP, PNP-BC
Director, Primary Care Network

Sudarshan Jadcherla DISCOVERYx 2019 presenter

“The Eating Challenge: My Role as a Personal Chef for High Risk Infants”

Sudarshan Jadcherla, MD
Professor and Principal Investigator, Center for Perinatal Research and Neonatology

Sami Rundo DISCOVERYx 2019 presenter

“Toys as Tools: Helping Kids Cope with Medical Experiences”

Sami Rundo, CCLS
Certified Child Life Specialist, Family and Volunteer Services

Blair Arms DISCOVERYx 2019 presenter

“Beyond Our Patients: Keeping Families Fed”

Blair Arms
Chef, Ronald McDonald House

Peter White DISCOVERYx 2019 presenter

“Captain Ahab and the Search for Zebras”

Peter White, PhD
Senior Director, The Institute for Genomic Medicine