About Us

If you have projects that would benefit from Research IT R&D services, we’d love to collaborate with you to understand your problem, evaluate possible approaches, and co-design an optimal solution. Here is the typical process of engage R&D services:

  1. We meet with you for an initial free consultation
  2. We evaluate feasibility and research approaches
  3. We follow up with a meeting or emails to clarify understanding of the problem
    • Further feasibility evaluation may occur before proceeding
  4. We propose a project approach and provides an estimate of work and timeline
  5. We proceed with development under proposed timeline with formal budget approval

There are multiple ways to financially support Research IT R&D services.

  • Allocate effort level for RISI R&D personnel in your grant proposal
  • Chargeback on a cost center based on estimated effort using the two-tier charge model outlined below
  • Apply for CCTS voucher to cover for R&D core services (2016 max is $3,000)

Tier I:

Services under this category support the needs of electronic data capture (EDC) and web-based survey needs. Research IT R&D now supports REDCap, OpenClinica, and Teleforms. comparison of REDCap and OpenClinica features can be found on each application’s page.

For each EDC project, we provide:

  • User set up and activation
  • Training sessions
  • Study, site, and event/visit setup – Includes setting up each site as a discrete entity under the main study. The site and site data is accessible only to staff from that site, including the study director and data manager.
  • Development of electronic case report forms (eCRF)
  • eCRF modifications pre- and post-production
  • Administrative and technical assistance with the system

Tier II:

Research IT R&D also provides custom solutions in the following areas:

Design and Technology

Our team develops holistic strategies for your custom application and mobile/device specific needs ranging from tailoring and designing the perfect Design and Technology focused concisely for unique audience to choosing the best of breed technology to realize the project’s goals with the highest degree of quality.

Data Collaboration

Our team provides end to end data solutions for your research needs. We offer managed enterprise-level database solutions including complete database design, housing and implementation, scalable de-identified data warehousing, reporting and honest broker services.

Data Science

Our team designs and implements reliable, scalable and intelligent applications to provide fast information retrieval, text/data processing, mining, and analytics, on datasets of any size and any structure.