Cardiovascular Research Shared Resource

As part of the long-term research mission of The Heart Center and the Center for Cardiovascular Research, the Molecular Analysis Core is available to facilitate both basic and translational research for basic science and clinical faculty within the Centers of Emphasis and throughout The Research Institute. 

Our primary function is to design and implement a variety of molecular assays.  Examples of available assay services include the determination of levels of circulating and tissue biomarkers, gene expression changes, epigenetic changes, and post-translational changes that occur in response to inherited and acquired cardiovascular diseases.

The Core facility itself is well equipped for medium- to high-throughput assay development, and includes instrumentation for spectroscopic, luminscent and fluorometric analysis, multiplexed ELISA analysis, nucleic acid quantitation, quantitative PCR analysis, and automated liquid handling/plate washing, as well as dedicated techical staff.  In addition, our Core serves as a liason to the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Core facility at The Ohio State University to design proteomics assays specific for the needs of our center investigators.