Nationwide Children’s CareLink is a free, web-based application available to community providers. It offers external physicians and support staff read-only access to patient electronic medical records in real-time.

With CareLink, community providers can:

  • View patient medical records and documents via the web
  • See scheduled appointments and procedures ordered
  • Access patient information to verify medical billing and coding
  • Receive automatic receipts of patient activity at Nationwide Children’s
  • Share selected patients or entire practice patient data for easy shift transitions
  • Referral order entry

Other convenient CareLink features:

  • Quick password protected access to patient information with login
  • Patient event alerts allow providers to monitor their patient throughout the referral process, including registration, admission, orders results, discharge and more
  • Record review for providers
  • Community Messages, a secure, web-based tool to communicate with specialists at Nationwide Children’s regarding the care of a mutual patient

CareLink Hotline: (614) 355-3750

CareLink Resources

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News and Updates

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If you would like to register new sites or users for CareLink, please complete the registration form.

Email with questions.

Community Messages

Community Messages through Epic provide a secure, web-based tool for Nationwide Children’s specialists and community physicians to communicate regarding the care of a mutual patient.

If you have an urgent patient need, please do not use CareLink Community Messages. For urgent items and informal consults, call Physician Direct Connect at (614) 355-0221 or (877) 355-0221.

Referring Providers: Contact your Physician Liaison for more information on how to use Community Messages.

Nationwide Children’s specialists: Contact the Support Center at (614) 355-3750 or

Departments are training to use CareLink Community Messages on a priority basis. The following departments have been educated and are ready to communicate with referring providers:

  1. Neonatology
  2. Otolaryngology (ENT)
  3. Neurology
  4. Sports Medicine
  5. Urology
  6. General Pediatric Surgery
  7. Plastic Surgery
  8. Gastroenterology (GI)
  9. The Heart Center
  10. Nephrology
  11. Hospital Medicine
  12. Adolescent Medicine
  13. Infectious Disease
  14. Complex Health Care Program
  15. Neurosurgery
  16. Critical Care
  17. Endocrinology
  18. Hematology, Oncology & BMT
  19. Psychiatry
  20. The Center for Family Safety and Healing
  21. Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
Quick Reference Guide

Download the CareLink Quick Reference Guide

How do I log in?
Step 1: Open your browser (Internet Explorer or Safari)
Step 2: Navigate to
Step 3: Enter your username and password and click Login

How do I find my patient?
Option 1: Select the Patient List tab. Click the patient’s name to open the Clinicals tab.
Option 2: Click the Patient search button in the upper right of the screen. Click the patient’s name to open the Clinicals tab.

I can’t find my patient. What do I do?
Step 1: Click on the Patient List tab.
Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select First Access.
Step 3: Enter the search criteria, click Search, select your patient, and enter a reason for the access.
Note: This will provide you with chart access for 10 days. If you have any questions, please email the HIM Data Integrity Group.


CareLink Help Line: (614) 355-3750