Infectious Diseases

Leaders in diagnosing, treating and preventing infectious diseases

Infectious Diseases

The Infectious Diseases specialists at Nationwide Children’s Hospital care for children admitted to the Infectious Diseases unit and provide consultations for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases for hospitalized children and children referred by hospital and community physicians. 

In addition, our Infectious Diseases Host Defense Program offers comprehensive specialty care of children with a compromised immune system, including children with cancer and bone marrow and solid organ transplantation recipients.

Infectious diseases specialists also provide outpatient consultation upon referral to our Infectious Diseases Clinics. Patients can be referred to our clinics, which are listed below. 

Subspecialty Clinics

Infectious Diseases subspecialty clinics include:

  • Infectious Diseases Clinic offers outpatient consultation for children and adolescents with suspected or confirmed infectious diseases conditions.
  • Family AIDS Clinic and Educational Services (FACES) provides medical, psychosocial, and case management services to HIV-infected infants, children, adolescents, and adults.
  • Hep C Clinic offers diagnostic services, evaluation, and management for children with exposure to or infection with the hepatitis C virus.  
  • Host Defense Clinic for pediatric transplant candidates or recipients and for immunocompromised children experiencing an infectious disease.
  • Kawasaki Disease Clinic offers combined cardiology and infectious diseases followup for children who have been treated for this disorder.
  • Neo-ID Clinic offers care for those children experiencing congenital or perinatally acquired infections due to such organisms as CMV, herpes simplex virus and syphilis.
  • TB Clinic offers care for those children with latent and active tuberculosis.
  • Travel Clinic provides pre- and post-travel consultation for children and their families. 

Infectious Diseases Clinic Locations

Infectious Diseases Clinic
Outpatient Care, 3rd Floor, Suite 3C
555 S. 18th Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Livingston Ambulatory Center
380 Butterfly Gardens Drive
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 722-6060
FAX (614) 722-6770

Hep C Clinic
Livingston Ambulatory Center
380 Butterfly Gardens Drive
Columbus, OH 43215

Host Defense Clinic
Outpatient Care, 3rd Floor, Suite 3C
555 S. 18th Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Kawasaki Disease Clinic
The Heart Center - Nationwide Children's Hospital
700 Children's Drive
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 722-2530

Neo-ID Clinic
Outpatient Care, 3rd Floor, Suite 3C
555 S. 18th Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Travel Clinic
Outpatient Care, 3rd Floor, Suite 3C
555 S. 18th Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Tuberculosis Clinic
Outpatient Care, 3rd Floor, Suite 3C
555 S. 18th Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Nationwide Children's Hospital - Toledo
2222 Cherry St. Suite 2600
Toledo, Ohio 43608

Infectious Diseases Education

Female resident examining a female teen patient

Infectious Diseases Fellowship

The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellowship is a three-year program that prepares pediatric-trained physicians to become competent infectious disease clinicians and capable bench and/or clinical researchers.

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Host Defense Fellowship

The Infectious Disease Host Defense Fellowship is a GME-approved, one-year program that provides additional training and expertise in the comprehensive management of infections in immunocompromised children.

Dr. King and Dr. Wilson

Visiting Resident Rotation

The Department of Pediatrics Visiting Resident Rotation program welcomes residents from diverse backgrounds who are pursuing fellowship training in a pediatric subspecialty an opportunity to spend a four-week rotation in the specialty of their choosing.

Research International Employees

International Scholars Program (ISP)

The International Scholars Program (ISP) at Nationwide Children's Hospital provides unique learning and teaching opportunities for faculty, staff and trainees from all over the world.

Resources For Providers

To make a referral, please request an appointment online or fax information to (614) 722-4458.

Referral Requirements:

  • Written reason for referral
  • Records of office visits
  • Reports of other consultants
  • Lab and imaging study results pertinent to the referral
  • Immunization record 
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Host Defense Program

Our collaborative and comprehensive approach ensures that the unique needs of your patient will be reviewed and provided by fellowship-trained Host Defense Specialists, who are supported by an interdisciplinary team of experts in immunocompromised conditions.

Physician Direct Connect (PDC)

Physician Direct Connect is a 24-hour physician/provider consult-transfer center. PDC is managed by experienced RNs who can assist in caring for your patients as a single point of contact for numerous requests.

Refer a Patient

Infectious Diseases Research

Center for Microbial Pathogenesis

The emphasis of the Center for Microbial Pathogenesis is to develop a greater understanding of the molecular mechanisms by which microorganisms cause infectious diseases.

Med Pros

Center for Vaccines and Immunity

The purpose of the Center for Vaccines and Immunity is to improve the health of children through research leading to a new generation of safe, protective vaccines against infection, cancer and allergy.

Research and Innovation

Clinician scientists within Infectious Diseases along with principal investigators in the Center for Vaccines and Immunity and the Center for Microbial Pathogenesis at The Research Institute are dedicated to improving care for children with infectious diseases.

Meet Our Team

Meet our Infectious Diseases leadership.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Medical Professional

William J. Barson

William J. Barson, MD, is Chief of the Section of Infectious Diseases and Director of the Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program at Nationwide Children's Hospital. He is Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Patient Education Resources for Families

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Helping Hands

Access our patient education library and view dozens of articles created by our experts.

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Dr. Mike Patrick in his PediaCast podcast studio.

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Viral Season Resources

We are here to help you learn more about seasonal respiratory viruses and how to protect your family. Access resources and visitor guidelines.

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Most pediatricians and those of us who study and treat respiratory viruses in children often say that respiratory syncytial virus is the most common illness that no one knows about. Called RSV for short, the virus infects almost every child at least once before the age of 2. Why, then, haven’t you heard of it?