The Center for Family Safety and Healing

Breaking the Cycle of Family Violence and Restoring Hope

The Center for Family Safety and Healing

For those impacted by family violence, the path to healing can be a difficult one.

But healing is possible if you have the right people by your side. With the resources we have available, the many short and long-term effects of family violence, both personal and global, can be overcome. In fact, many people are on that path to healing right now. 

The Center for Family Safety and Healing provides comprehensive evaluation and management of child maltreatment, offering inpatient and outpatient services.

Key services include:

  • Child Assessment Center
  • Fostering Connections Program
  • Non-Accidental Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic
  • Inpatient consultations for suspected child maltreatment

The Child Assessment Center offers a coordinated response to family violence for families through partnerships with law enforcement, children services and a range of community resources. Through a collaborative effort with the Emergency Department, we provide suspected child abuse assessments after clinic hours by utilizing on-call forensic interviewers and pediatric sexual assault nurse examiners in the emergency department setting.