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Neonatal Neurology Clinic

The Neonatal Neurology Clinic is a joint effort between the Divisions of Neurology and Neonatology. The clinic's goal is to address the needs of NICU graduates who might have experienced a neurological illness and to ensure appropriate developmental follow-up.


We offer advanced, comprehensive care, from fetal diagnosis to long-term follow-up. As the nation's largest neonatal network, caring for more than 3,000 babies each year, we provide cutting-edge interventions, compassionate care and exceptional outcomes.

Nephrology and Hypertension

We provide specialized and consultative care for kidney injury, disease and failure; glomerular disorders; kidney stones; metabolic bone disease; high blood pressure; nephrotic syndrome; urinary tract infections and more. Our program includes comprehensive dialysis and transplant services.


Neurodiagnostics provides testing of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Testing may include routine and long-term EEG testing, evoked potentials and ambulatory EEG. We work closely with multiple departments to help patients with problems of the nervous system.

Neuroimmunology Clinic

The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Neuroimmunology Clinic provides evidence-based, family-centered clinical care for infants, children and teens with autoimmune disorders that affect the central nervous system, known as neuroimmune disorders.


We offer comprehensive, family-centered care from renowned experts in pediatric neurology. We participate in clinical and scientific research programs, and our faculty members play prominent roles in national and international neurological organizations.

Neuromuscular Disorders

Groundbreaking. Multidisciplinary. Comprehensive. These words don’t just describe our world-class Neuromuscular Disorders program. They are fundamental to our work and the commitment we make to the families who come to us from across the country.

Neuromuscular Disorders Clinic

Patients from across the country come to Nationwide Children's for the specialized care in our Neuromuscular Disorders Clinic. Our team works closely with the patient and their family to diagnose, treat and manage quality of life.


Our highly experienced and internationally recognized team of pediatric neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists will care for your child by providing the most advanced and innovative treatments, while at the same time, paying careful attention to all the needs and concerns of your child and family.


Working closely with physicians in neuro-oncology and neurosurgery, our neuroradiologists provide comprehensive examination using the latest CT, PET-CT, and MRI equipment in a safe and comfortable environment for patients and their families.

Neurosciences Center

When your child needs a hospital, everything matters. Children and adolescents with brain, spine and peripheral nervous system disorders need the best medical care.


From the most complex brain and spinal disorders requiring the most challenging interventions to more common conditions and procedures, our expert team of pediatric neurosurgeons and neurosurgery nurse practitioners offers the complete spectrum of multidisciplinary care.

Neurovascular Services

Neurovascular Services at Nationwide Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive treatment for conditions that affect blood vessels in and around the brain and spine in patients of all ages, from infancy through adulthood.

NICU Follow-up Programs

After leaving the NICU, your baby can be at high risk for developmental problems. The NICU Follow-up Program identifies and treats developmental needs early, ensuring the correct medical services and family support are in place to make a lasting difference.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a branch of radiology imaging that uses small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose, determine the severity of disease, or treat a disease.

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