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Family AIDS Clinic and Educational Services Program (FACES)

We are central Ohio’s primary HIV clinic and have more than 30 years of experience. Our comprehensive team provides quality medical and psychosocial care to a diverse group patients both in clinic and through community prevention outreach.

Family Practice

Family Practice at Nationwide Children's Hospital is primarily composed of family physicians practicing in central Ohio who refer patients to Nationwide Children's for testing and specialty care.

Fertility and Reproductive Health Program

Many medical conditions and treatments may affect future fertility. Our comprehensive program provides education and counseling for patients who may be at risk for long-term fertility or reproductive health issues and provide fertility preservation options.

Fetal Cardiac Program

When you learn your unborn child has a heart defect, the fetal cardiac team is here to help. From education to building comprehensive treatment plans, monitoring and fetal interventions, we work together to ensure the best possible outcome for your baby.

Food Allergy Treatment Center

Our Food Allergy Treatment Center provides all-inclusive and patient-specific care for children with suspected or confirmed food allergies.

Hand and Upper Extremity Program

Children who are born with hand or upper extremity differences or experience a traumatic injury face unique challenges. Our program is one of the few in the US that includes Orthopedic Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, offering a comprehensive approach.

The Fetal Center

The Fetal Center offers advanced diagnostic, treatment and recovery options for families facing complex birth defects. We are devoted to improving neonatal outcomes for most fetal complications while supporting you along the way.

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