Lauber Lab

The Lauber Lab examines how microbes affect health. Maturation of the microbiome in children is important for maintaining healthy host-microbe interactions throughout life. Everyday events like diet choices and antibiotics can alter the development of microbiomes that help train the immune system, harvest energy from food and communicate with the host by secreted metabolites. The Lauber Lab investigates how these events impact host-microbiome interactions that may lead chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes or reinforce disease states like cancer later in life.

The team aims to understand the impact of microbial composition, diversity, function and genomics on host-microbe communication. They use next generation sequencing of DNA and RNA and meta-omics methods to study microbiomes and host responses in humans and model systems.

The Lauber Lab is a highly motivated group interested in all microbial ecosystems and always looking to develop interesting collaborations.

Meet Our Team

Christian Lauber

Chris Lauber, PhD
Principal Investigator

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Lauren Warren, PhD
Senior Scientist

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Lexie Blalock, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher