Perinatal Brain Injury and Development Focus Group

Understanding the mechanisms of perinatal brain injury may help identify potential therapeutic targets. Because of the importance of collaborative, translational science to achieving these goals and improving neurodevelopmental outcomes for babies, investigators in the Center for Perinatal Research and The Ohio State University, led by Dr. Amanda Graf, have formed the Perinatal Brain Injury and Development Focus Group. This group meets regularly and serves as a community for presenting and discussing research ideas, supporting investigators, and identifying opportunities for collaboration.


The Perinatal Brain Injury and Development Focus Group is dedicated to understanding the causes and consequences of perinatal brain injury and improving the health and quality of life of infants at high risk of neurodevelopmental impairment through innovative basic science, clinical, and translational research.


  1. Establish a network of investigators from The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University who are interested in brain development and mechanisms of brain injury in order to:
    • Provide an arena to identify, discuss and develop collaborative projects and funding opportunities for all members
    • Guide research for junior faculty and trainees
    • Facilitate identification of potential mentors
  2. Foster an engaging, supportive, and regular forum for discussion and discovery among investigators from varied backgrounds but with a common interest.
  3. Create productive, multidisciplinary collaborations among investigators, leading to the establishment of perinatal brain research as a nationally recognized focus at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Specific Goals for 2014-2017

  1. Each junior faculty member or trainee member of the group will present his or her current research, proposed projects (grant applications), or draft manuscript to the group at least once.
  2. Each senior faculty member will assist with grant review for a junior member at least once.
  3. Submission of 2 external funding applications for multidisciplinary projects that arose from within the group.
  4. Publication of 2 manuscripts from projects discussed within the group.
  5. Obtain funding for recruitment of one nationally recognized, external speaker per year to present at the Child Health Research Center Seminar.