Ohio Statistics

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for Ohioans ages 5 to 34 years. On average, more than 1,150 Ohioans lose their lives and more than 116,000 are injured each year in motor vehicle-related crashes (ODPS, 2007 Traffic Crash Facts).

As a result of motor vehicle crashes in Ohio in 2007 alone:

  • Approximately 3.4 people were killed per day, resulting in an average of 1 death every 7 hours
  • 319 people were injured per day for an average of 1 injury every 4.5 minutes
  • 10,469 people sustained incapacitating injuries that prevented them from walking, driving or continuing their normal daily activities
  • 39 children younger than 15 years were killed and 9,159 were injured